Weekend Mass

Saturday: 4:00pm

Sunday: 8:00am & 10:30am

Weekday Mass

Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri., Sat. 8:00am

Tues. 6:30pm


Monday-Friday (excluding Tues.): 7:30am-8:00am
Tuesday: 6:00pm-6:30pm
Saturdays: 3:30-4:00pm and following Mass
Or by appointment
(first weekend of the month before & after all Masses)


St. Peter’s is next scheduled for Monday, June 25 at the Hillside location (2825 S. Hillside) and Thursday, June 28 at the Downtown location (520 N. Broadway)

Would you like to serve at the Lords Diner with 33 other parishioners? We need you! The Prep shift is from 11 am to approx. 1 pm (if you don't like to drive at night).

The monthly evening shifts are from 5:15 to 7:30 pm. Doors open at 5:30 pm. The diner also has 3 Food Trucks that serve from 4-6 pm Mon-Fri each week. To volunteer, please call Jean Hanson, 524- 5502, Carol Siegrist, 524-6357, or Paula Barker 721-4937.

God Bless all for your generosity of your time

Thanks to your support of Embrace, we’ve been able to share the love of Jesus with thousands of people in Wichita since opening our doors in 1985. It’s been our mission to serve individuals and families with the love of Christ empowering them to: choose Life, practice sexual integrity, & experience physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness. Your gifts help share the gospel with our clients as they receive free pregnancy tests, sonograms, STD testing & more! 




Schoolbelles is the new uniform company.  650 N. Carriage Parkway, Wichita KS 67202

The April - July 2018 Lay Minister Schedule is available for pickup/download Extra copies are available in the north cry room or can be printed from the St. Peter website: at the link in the upper right corner that says Ministry Schedule. 

Community Service Hours Available

A local nonprofit K94Heroes is looking for high school Seniors and Juniors in need of services hours.

K94Heroes works to provide a brighter future for Veterans in need, with man's best friend. This local organization provides 100% of the funding to place service dogs with veterans in need!

We are looking for 20 high school Seniors and Juniors to assist us in servicing a firework tent between June 27th - July 4th. Proceeds from firework sales will directly benefit local in veterans. All high school volunteers can use hours worked towards their secular community hours!

If you would like more information please contact Drew by calling 316-200-6758 or emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information.

Matrimony: A calling to forgive! “Mercy is the force that reawakens us to new life and instills in us the courage to look to the future with hope.”

Retrouvaille offers a welcoming and loving space to couples who have been living with the misery of a failing marriage. Retrouvaille offers hope: hope that it is not too late, hope of a different and better marriage. Retrouvaille helps couples to show each other mercy through the opportunities it provides to listen, to forgive, to be reconciled and to move into their futures believing that God loves them and with His help and their efforts, their marriages can be healed and restored. Retrouvaille provides help for marriage problems/difficulties/crises.

For more information about the upcoming July 20th Wichita Retrouvaille program for couples, Contact Dacia & Kieran (800) 470-2230 or visit our website: HelpOurMarriage.com


Prayer & Action is at St. Peter's!

 June 3rd-29th!

           Prayer & Action is a 5-day mission trip that takes place within the Diocese of Wichita. Participants stay at the host Parish in simple, dormitory-style accommodations; prepare their own meals; join the parish for daily Mass; and serve local families that are in need. Typical service includes painting, minor repairs, house and yard cleaning.  

  St. Peter’s will be hosting four Prayer & Action sessions in the month of June!  Participants for each session will arrive on Sunday evening around 5:00 PM and leave around Noon on Friday.  This is a large and worthy endeavor, and we need your help!

  How can I help?

   To make the Prayer & Action visit to St. Peter’s successful, there are certain things that we need: First and foremost, We need JOBS! These jobs should be aimed to assisting the elderly, disabled, widowed/widower, struggling families’ homes and yards, etc.  Priority will be given to those with the greatest needs.  Keep in mind that the work will be amateur work, completed by supervised high schoolers in crews of 8-10 during the day.  Jobs could include exterior house/garage/shed painting, yard work, minor repairs, interior painting, organizing cluttered spaces, etc.   We need a combination of about 20 “large jobs” (jobs that could take a whole week) and 50 “small jobs” (jobs that could take half a day to a whole day).  We prefer the homeowner be present while the crew is there working.   It is better to have too many jobs than too few!   See below for information on the three possible ways to refer potential work sites.

Here’s how to refer a job site: 

 Call St. Peter’s Parish Office at 316.522.4728 and

speak to Jill or John  

Follow this link to fill out a Google Form:




 We need TOOLS!

  Of course the jobs are important, but we also need the proper tools to accomplish the tasks at hand! We are looking for generous parishioners to lend us some tools for Prayer & Action; tools such as ladders, rakes, hedgers, painting equipment, shovels, gardening tools, etc.  Please label the tool with your name and we will return it at the end of June, or upon request.  Please bring all tools to St. Peter’s Parish Office.

  We need SNACKS!

  If you would like to donate snacks for the Prayer & Action sessions, follow the sign up genius link here:  Snacks for Prayer & Action Link 

We need PRAYERS!

  After all, this is Prayer & Action!  Please keep the team, chaperones, participants, and homeowners in your prayers that the Merciful Heart of Christ will shine through this June! 





Now Accepting Paperwork/Fees beginning Feb 5, 2018
8 am-4 pm in the School Office

(Preschool enrollment is on a first come-first served basis.) Please bring along a birth certificate and baptismal certificate (We will make copies.)

2018-2019 Preschool Offerings: 

  • 2 day (Tu/Th) 3 year old class 7:50-10:50 am
  • 3 day (MWF) 4 year old class 7:50-10:50 am
  • day (M-F) PreKindergarten 4 year old class 12:20

Call Brenda Hickok (316-524-6585) with questions.



Catholicism: A Journey of the Heart of the Faith compliments the beloved DVD series and study program of the same name.  The book is based on the scripts for the series, but delves more deeply into the content, including more than 100 photos of the art used in the documentary.  Check out this amazing title and other resources in the LIGHTHOUSE kiosks!



On Demand has other Audiorecordings by Bishop Robert Barron, all with 5 star ratings/reviews.  See something you like? Go to www.formed.org    Parish Code: 8JKP2P



Happy Birthday to Gavin Luckner, Parker Thome, Dolores Ginzel, Sue Dugan, Julianne Hansard, John Hartley, Caleb Seiler, Trever Taylor, and Nora Dansel!

Congratulations to David & Connie Weber and Robert & Maria Haynes!

Sacramental Blessings on Jerry Zeller, Derek Racine, Jill Galaway, and McKinley Sponsel!



Happy Birthday to Mike Oberle, Thomas Pankratz, Kim Rohleder, Olivia Metzen, Mariana Larin, Matthew Doffing, Madalynn Fritschle, Tonya Garretson, and Anne Lively!

Congratulations to +David & Marcelline Arnold, Greg & Kim Schoenfeld, and Kevin & Courtney Fanter!

Sacramental Blessings on Jenae Duling, Brianna Spexarth, Blake Weber, Jacob Trinh, Brian McKnight, John Cleary, and Kyle McGaffin!

In Memory of Catherine Dugan

Happy Birthday to Rebecca Hegarty, Carol Pauly, Kendra Walker, Keith Youngers, Abby Forrest, Corinne Landwehr, Jade Link, Brigette Sponsel, Rosette Sponsel, and Jeff Seiler!

Congratulations to David & Nancy Sponsel, Matthew & Shelbi Doffing, and John & +Sarah Bigley!

Sacramental Blessings on Arlene Girrens, Cooper Flickinger, and Blake Hansard!



Please click here for Delores J. King's Obituary

Delores's Funeral Mass will be at St. Peter the Apostle at 10 am on Saturday, June 23.


On June 10th, 2018 the Guadalupe Clinic hosted its 30th Annual Wingnuts Baseball Game Fundraiser to provide quality healthcare for uninsured people in Wichita and surrounding communities.  A special thanks to all the parishes that support Guadalupe Clinic and our sponsors who also gave faithfully to make this event possible.  This year’s game honored Dr. Jim Loeffler, who has supported this event from its beginning 30 years ago.  Since its inception, this event has raised nearly $1.3 million dollars to serve those in our community without medical insurance who are in need of quality healthcare, thanks to our gracious supporters, many of which made donations online: www.igfn.us/form/lvF6aQ to help purchase tickets that were distributed to the clinic’s patients and their families. 


Your continued support provides Health & Hope!  Guadalupe Clinic provides a doctor’s visit, lab tests, x-rays, medication and other services all for a requested $5 donation.  Because of your stewardship, no one is ever turned away.  We always need additional volunteers, for more information and event pictures go to www.guadalupeclinic.org/wingnuts-ballgame.  Thank you in advance for all your support.  God bless you!


Thank you in advance for all your continued support.  God bless you!



From left: David Gear Guadalupe Clinic, Tyler Harrison Wingnuts, Dr. Jim Loeffler and Family

To fill an open Eucharistic Adoration spot, Fridays at 5 am, Saturdays at 4 pm, Sundays at 12 am (midnight), or 10 am, or to be a sub for perpetual adoration, please call Carol Siegrist at 524-6357 or Sherry Robben 794-8039

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