The St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School Council, in conformity with the policies of the Wichita Diocesan School Council, subject to the approval of the pastor, shall advise the pastor and principal on educational policies of the school.

The school council shall meet quarterly at a location and time designated by the chairperson. All regular school council meetings are open; however, if deemed necessary at the end of a regular meeting, the chairperson may call an executive session in which only school council members will be present. The minutes of the previous meeting will be available on the parish website.

If a person desires to speak on an item and wants to be included on the agenda, he/she must notify the chairperson by the Thursday before the regular meeting. If a person is placed on the agenda to present, he/she can speak no longer than five (5) minutes on the chosen topic, unless given approval by the chairperson.

Father Bernard X. Gorges, Pastor

Brenda Hickok, Principal

Paula Duling, Business Manager

Jo Snyder, President               

Rebecca Kucera, Secretary

Julie Seiler

Jodi Esfeld

Adam Riopel

Brian Kloke

Kyle Grant

Kim Schoenfeld


February 7, 2018 School Council Minutes



Name Jo Snyder

Consideration Form