The Lord"s Diner, located in downtown Wichita, serves an evening meal to anyone in need. Our assigned night is the 4th Thursday of the month at the Downtown location (520 N. Broadway) and the 4th Monday of the month at the Hillside location (2825 S. Hillside). A current Food Handler’s Permit is required in order to volunteer at the Lord’s Diner. Volunteers are needed to help prepare meals, serve meals and clean up. Young people age 12 and up may volunteer if working the same shift as their parent.

"Whatever you have done unto one of the least of these my brothern, you have done it unto me." Would you like to serve at the Lords Diner with 33 other parishioners?  We need you.

The Prep shift is from 11 am to approx. 1 pm (a great choice if you don't like to drive at night).

The evening shifts are from 5:15 to 7:30 pm at 520 N. Broadway the 4th Thursday of the month and 2825 S. Hillside the 4th Monday of the month.  Doors open at 5:30.  The diner has 3 Food Trucks that serve from 4 to 6 pm Mon. thru Fri. each week.  For information on the trucks, call Jean or the diner.

Jean Hanson, 524-5502,  Carol Siegrist, 524-6357, Paula Barker 721-4937. 

God Bless all for your generosity of your time.


Downtown Contact - 520 N Broadway

Name Jean Hanson
Phone 316-524-5502

Hillside Contact - 2825 S. Hillside

Name Paula Barker
Phone 316-721-4937
cell: 316-737-9545