St. Peter the Apostle Pastoral Council is an advisory committee to advise the Pastor and coordinate the facilitation of:

  • Proclaiming the Word of God and faith foundation
  • Fostering sacramental, liturgical , and prayer life in parish
  • Supporting marriage and family life
  • Helping lay faithful carry out vocations according to the Gospel
  • Promoting adult religious formation
  • Strengthening commitments to social justice by caring for the marginalized
    • Ensuring our parish to be a true witness to the love of Jesus Christ


The Pastoral Council consists of 8 parishioners who are called by their Pastor to serve on a rotating 3 year term.

Pastoral Council meetings are held at 8 PM the 3rd Thursday of every month.

Pastoral Council Members

Father Bernard X. Gorges, Pastor             

Paula Duling, Business Manager

John Linnebur, Parish Office Representative

Mike Sanders, Chairman                 

Tony Gormley                                                           

Greg Gowing                                      

Pat Jansen                                  

Molly Newell                                    

Corri Roberts                                   

Lucretia Silvers







Position Chairperson
Name Mike Sanders