Come join us at our next meeting, 7 pm, on Nov. 15 in Dominic Hall.  We are having a Decorated Cookie demonstration by Kristie Benoit Zoellner followed by a Cookie Exchange!  You must sign up by Nov. 11 at noon, or call Deb, 650-6642, to be included in the exchange.  Sign-up sheets are in the gathering space along with cookie exchange rules which answer numerous questions.  


Cookie Exchange Rules

1. All cookies must be HOMEMADE.

2. No particular theme for this exchange however holiday cookies are welcome.

3. These cookies are discouraged: Chocolate Chip, Mixes, Peanut Butter or ones you have to keep refrigerated. Be creative and let’s get a nice variety of cookies.

4. You must bring a copy of your recipe. Altar Society will put these together and provide you with all the recipes within the next few weeks.

5. You need to bring your cookies in a container and then bring an extra container to fill for take home cookies.

6. Please make a card so we can identify the name of your cookies.

7. You will be contacted on November 12th with the exact number of cookies you need for the exchange.

8. Questions call Deb @ 650-6642. The cookie exchange will be after the cookie presentation by Kristie.