I can't believe it is the last month of school! This year flew by! I had such a fun year with your kiddos and I sure will miss them this summer. Here are the important dates and what we will be learning for the last month of school.


Important Dates for May:

May 8th - Zoo Field Trip

May 18th - Spirit Day

May 24th - Last Day and Field Day


Here are the skills we will be working on for the month of May:


Lesson 27: Family Outings

Sight words: have, one, ask, help, every, walk

Letters: Ll (Larry Lion) Ww (Willy Worm)

Grammar: Subject-verb agreement

Lesson 28: Getting Help

Sight words: look, very, their, saw, put, out

Letters: Vv (Vinny Volcano) Zz (Zelda Zebra)

Grammar: Subject-verb agreement

Lesson 29: Learning New Things

Sight words: off, our, day, take, too, show

Letters: Yy (Yetta Yo-Yo) Qq (Queenie Queen)

Grammar: Prepositions

Lesson 30: Good Neighbors


Grammar: Prepositions



Chapter 12: Classify and Sort Data




Studies Weekly

Week 23: Jobs People Do

Week 24: Money



Unit 10: Motion




Chapter 25: We Care About Others as Jesus Did

Chapter 26: We Celebrate that Jesus is our Friend


Here are important dates to remember for April:

  • April 2nd - NO SCHOOL
  • April 25th - NO SCHOOL (Teacher Inservice)
  • April 27th - Spirit Day

Here are the skills we will be working on for April:


Lesson 23:  How Things Change

Sight words: all, she, over, her, some, when

Letter: Edna Elephant

Grammar: Proper Nouns

Lesson 24: Animal Colors

Sight words: away, he, by, must, no, there

Letters: Hh (Hattie Horse) Kk (Keely Kangaroo)

Grammar: Questions (Capitalization and Punctuation)

Lesson 25: Growing Food

Review Week

Grammar: Exclamations (Capitalization and Punctuation)

Lesson 26: Trying Your Best

Sight words: do, down, went, only, little, just

Letter: Uu (Umbie Umbrella)

Grammar: Nouns (Singular/Plural)


Chapter 10: 3D Shapes

Chapter 11: Measurement

Chapter 12: Classify and Sort Data

Please continue to work on addition and subtraction facts to 5.


Chapter 27: Easter

Chapter 22: We Belong to the Church

Chapter 23: We Pray As Jesus Did

Chapter 24: We Celebrate Jesus' Gift of Himself


Earth Day


Studies Weekly Week 21: Rights and Responsibilites

Studies Weekly Week 22: Consumers and Producers


February flew by!! I'm so excited for all the fun we are going to have in March!

Here are some important dates to remember:

  • March 2 - First Friday
  • March 6 - Spring Picture Day (Free Dress Day)
  • March 7-9 Kindergarten Round-Up (No School for Kindergarten)
  • March 16 - Spirit Day (Jeans and St. Peter shirt)
  • March 19-23 Spring Break
  • March 29 - Holy Thursday (Dismissal at 12:00)
  • March 30 - Good Friday - No School

Here are the skills we will be working on this month:


Lesson 20: Making Discoveries

Review Week

Grammar: Verbs/Synonyms

Lesson 21: Working Together

Sight words: make, them, give, play, say, new

Letter: Oo (Ozzie Octopus)

Grammar: pronouns (he, she, we)

Lesson 22: Growing Up

Sight words: said, was, then, good, ate, could

Letter: Xx (Mr. X-Ray) Jj (Jumping Jill)

Grammar: pronouns (they, it, I) and antonyms


Finish Chapter 9: Two- Dimensional Shapes

Chapter 10: Identify and Describe Three-Dimensional Shapes




Chapter 21: Easter


Studies Weekly:

Week 15: Maps and Globes

Week 16: Which Way?


Unit 7 - Weather

January went so fast!! I can't believe it is already February! We have a lot of fun planned this month!!

Here are important dates to remember for February:

  • Feb. 6th - 100th Day of School
  • Feb. 12th - Conferences 4:30-7:30
  • Feb. 13th - Valentine Party - 2:45
  • Feb. 14th  - Ash Wednesday
  • Feb. 15th -  Dismissal at 11:00 --Conferences 4:00-7:30
  • Feb. 16th - NO SCHOOL
  • Feb. 19th - NO SCHOOL
  • Feb. 23rd - Spirit Day

Here is what we will be working on during the month of February!


Lesson 18: Oceans and Waterways
Sight words: will, into, your, be, that, who
Letter: Reggie Rooster
Grammar: Verbs
Lesson 19: Outdoor Adventures
Sight words: go, here, soon, for, they, up
Letter: Dudley Duck
Grammar: Verbs and Antonyms


Finish Chapter 8
Chapter 9: Shapes


Science: Unit 9: Energy
Social Studies Weekly:
Week 18 - Presidents and Patriots
Week 19 - American Monuments
Week 20 - Celebrate America
President's Day
American Symbols


Chapter 19 - Jesus Wants Us to Love
Chapter 20 - Lent

Happy New Year!! It's so hard to believe we are done with the first half of the year! I am excited for all we will do this semester! Thank you so much for all the thoughtful Christmas gifts! I loved them all!!

Here are some dates to remember in the month of January:

January 5th - First Friday/Adoration

January 8th - Group Picture Day

January 15th - NO SCHOOL

January 26th - Spirit Day (Jeans and St. Peter shirt)

January 29th - Catholic Schools Week

Here is what we will be learning during the month of January!


Lesson 14: Animal Homes

Sight words: are, now

Letter: Bb (Benny Bear)

Grammar: Verbs in past tense

Lesson 15: Up in the Sky

Review Week

Grammar: Statements

Lesson 16: Testing Ideas

Sight words: is, of, many, how, so, where

Letter: Ii (Iggy Iguana)

Grammar: Questions

Lesson 17: Nature All Around

Sight words: find, from, but, this, came, on

Letter: Gg (Gertie Goose)

Grammar: Proper Nouns for people, places, and pets


Chapter 7: Represent, Count, and Write 11-19

Chapter 8: Represent, Count, and Write 20 and Beyond


Science: Unit 8 - Matter

Social Studies - Studies Weekly

Week 13 - Weather

Week 14 - Good Citizens

Week 17 - Holidays

Martin Luther King Jr.

Kansas Day


Chapter 15 - God Chooses Mary

Chapter 16 - God the Father Gives us Jesus

Chapter 17 - Jesus Grew up in Nazareth

Chapter 18 - Jesus Teaches and Helps Us

Wow! I can't believe it is already December! We look forward to all the fun we have planned during this month!

Here are some important dates to remember:

Friday, Dec. 8th - NO SCHOOL (Feast of the Immaculate Conception)

Friday, Dec. 15th - Spirit Day

Monday, Dec. 18th - Gingerbread house making

Wednesday, Dec. 20th - Christmas Party (10:00-11:00) Dismiss at 11:00

Dec. 21-29 NO SCHOOL

This is what we will be working on this month:


Lesson 12:  Weather

Sight words: with, my

Letter: Nn (Nyle Noodle)

Grammar: sentence parts (verbs)

Lesson 13: Animal Bodies

Sight words: you, what

Letter: Ff (Fifi Fish)

Grammar: complete sentences


Chapter 6: Subtraction

Chapter 7: Represent, Count, and Write 11 to 19


Chapter 13: Advent

Chapter 14: Christmas



Studies Weekly Week 9 (Needs and Wants)


Unit 6 (Earth's Resources)


October was a fun month! We all loved going to the Pumpkin Patch!! Here are a few dates to remember for November!

November 1 - NO SCHOOL (All Saints Day)

November 17 - Spirit Day

November 20-24 - NO SCHOOL


Lesson 9: Machines and Wheels

Letter: Pp (Pippa Pig)

Sight Word: to

Grammar: Synonyms/Adjectives for Numbers

Lesson 10: Using Shapes

Review Week

Grammar: Classify and Categorize shape words/Adjectives for size and shape

Lesson 11: Seasons

Letter: Aa (Short a sound)

Sight words: come, me

Grammar: Sentence part (Subject)


Chapter 5: Addition

Chapter 6: Subtraction


Chapter 11: We Learn About God with Our Families

Chapter 12: We Learn About God with Our Friends




Science: Unit 4 (Habitats)

Unit 5 (Day and Night)

Social Studies

Studies Weekly: Week 8 (Timelines)

Week 10 (The First Thanksgiving)

Week 11 (Earth)

September flew by and we had so much fun learning about apples! We are excited for October and all the fun things we will be doing during this month! Here are a couple of reminders:

NO SCHOOL: Oct. 9th, 13th, 30th and 31st

CONFERENCES: Oct. 26th 4:30-7:30 and Oct. 30th 9:00-7:30

Here is what we will be learning in October!


Unit 2 Lesson 6: Using Our Senses

Letter: Aa (Andy Apple)

Sight word: see

Grammar: sensory words

Unit 2 Lesson 7: Sounds and Language

Letter: Tt (Tiggy Tiger)

Sight word: we

Grammar: sensory words

Unit 2 Lesson 8: Ways to Move

Letter: Cc (Callie Cat)

Sight word: a

Grammar: Adjectives for color


Finish Chapter 3: Represent, Count, and Write Numbers 6-9

Chapter 4: Represent and Compare Numbers to 10

Chapter 5: Addition


Chapter 7: Ordinary Time

Chapter 8: God Made All People

Chapter 9: God Made Us

Chapter 10: God Helps Us to Discover


Science - Finish up Unit 2 (Animals)

Unit 3 (Plants)


Fire Safety

Studies Weekly - Week 5-7

Hey all!! The first few weeks have been going great! Here are the skills we will be working on for September!!


We will finish up Chapter 1

Chapter 2 - Compare Numbers to 5

Chapter 3 - Represent, Count, and Write Numbers to 9


Lesson 1.2 Going to School

Sight word - like

Grammar - Nouns for Places

Beginning Sounds and Antonyms

Lesson 1.3 Pets

Sight word - the

Grammar - Nouns for animals and things


Lesson 1.4 Jobs

Letter - Mm (Mimi Mouse)

Sight word - and

Grammar - Verbs

Lesson 1.5 Helping

Letter - Ss (Sammy Seal)

Review Sight words

Grammar: Verbs



Chapter 3: God Creates the Animals

Chapter 4: God Creates People

Chapter 5: God Creates Me

Chapter 6: God Gives me Feelings



Community Helpers

Science Unit 1: Doing Science

Science Unit 2: Animals

Studies Weekly: Week 2 (Location)

Week 3 (Rules)

Week 4 (Responsibility)

I'm so excited for the new school year! I am having a great time with my kiddos so far! Please keep encouraging them to listen and do their best everyday! Here is a copy of our specials schedule:

Monday/Wednesday - Music, Library (Wed - Catechesis of the Good Shephard)

Tuesday/Thursday - PE and Technology

Friday - Music or PE and Technolgy (every other Friday)

Here are the skills that we will be working on the rest of this month. Please continue to work with your child on writing their name neatly. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.


Chapter 1: Represent, Count and Write Numbers 0-5


Lesson 1: Families

Sight word: I

Review alphabet letters

Rhyming/Nouns for people


School Rules 


Chapter 1: God Creates the Skies

Chapter 2: God Creates the World