Second quarter is ending in just a few short weeks! Where has the time gone? Make sure your students are reading to get their 10 AR points. Be checking Powerschool to monitor grades for the end of the second quarter and first semester. Advent Angels have started so make sure the gifts for the week get turned in by Friday afternoon. Here are some important dates you need to know about for December:

12/5: Confessions @ 9:15

12/7: First Friday- Adorations, Advent Angel Cards due!

12/14: Spirit Day! Advent Angel Fruit due!

12/19: 5M mass! End of second quarter and first semester, Christmas Part @10, Dismissal @11:00

In English Language Arts, we will continue working with informational texts picking out main idea and details and using text evidence to support our claims. There are only 2 more weeks of our normal tests, so make sure your students are studying to boost up their grades. We will be reviewing concepts and skills from this year the last week of school.

In Social Studies, we have been learning about the colonization of America. We have learned about the economies, religious beliefs, and daily life of these early colonies. To help us better understand, we have been participating in a colony simulation. Each colony has a name, a flag created by the students, and had to sail from England to the New World and successfully land. As the rounds progress, the colonists can trade and expand to try to become the most successful colony in the New World. We will be wrapping that up as well as Unit 3 before break.