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What a great Catholic Schools Week to start out the month! The week was packed full of things to help deepen our faith and focus on the gifts we have been blessed with. All of the students enjoyed the Community Give-Back day. It was very rewarding seeing them so willing to help those they didn't know. I hope all of their hearts were touched as mine was.


This month: 

6th: We are finishing up oceans with a creative writing project, combining both science and ELA. Once that is finished we will get into Earth's atmosphere and weather!

7th: We are wrapping up our second book of the year! Students are learning about plants and animals right now. After this they will transition to the human body!

8th: The focus of the month will be on energy, electricity, and magnetism. 


Important Dates:

2/6: Mid-quarter

2/12: Conferences

2/12: 6J class mass

2/13: Conferences

2/15: No school-teacher inservice

2/18: No school-President's Day

2/22: Spirit Day