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I cannot believe the end of the school year is upon us! Thank you to those of you that have volunteered  and helped out throughout the year. You all have made the school year go as smooth as possible for my first year here! 


6th: We are working on learning about the different planets and the solar system.

7th: Students are learning about habitats, ecosystems, and the impact we have on Earth.

8th: We are finishing up our light waves unit and will be moving onto sound waves. 


Important Dates:

5/1: May Crowning

5/10: 6J Class Mass

5/10: Faith Family Breakfast

5/10-12: Dear Edwina Jr. Musical Production

5/15: 8th Grade Retreat 

5/17: Spirit Day

5/23: Last Day of School Field Day! 11:00 Dismissal