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Here is a look at what we will be learning this month in Math and Science.

3rd grade Math -  Getting Ready for 4th Grade 

3rd grade Science- Animal Habitats and STEM lessons

4th grade Math - Getting Ready for 5th Grade

4th grade Science - Motion, Changing Energy, STEM lesson

I can't believe the end of the year is approaching. I have had a wonderful year here at St. Peters and I will miss all of the students this summer. Thank you for all of your support this year!


Important Dates:

5/6-5/10 Diocesan Religion Testing
5/6 Faith Family Activity - 8-8:30 AM
5/10 Faith Family Breakfast after Mass
5/10 Spell A Thon Party/Reward Day
5/13 Club Time Grades K-5 8-8:30 AM
5/16 3rd Grade Field Trip 
5/17 3rd Grade Mass & Spirit Day 
5/20 VBRD Prayer Circle
5/21 Volunteer Appreciation Mass & Breakfast
5/23 Last Day of School - Field Day - 11:00 AM Dismissal

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Here is a look at what we will be learning this month in Math and Science.

3rd grade Math -  Time Length, Liquid Volume and Mass

3rd grade Science- Simple and Compound Machines

4th grade Math - Angles, Measurement

4th grade Science - Changes in Matter, Energy


Important Dates:

4/1 Faith Family Activity - 8:00 AM
4/4 3rd Grade Mass
4/3 3-4-5 Grade Confessions
4/12 Spell A Thon Pledge Sheets Due Back to Teachers
4/15-4/18 Spell A Thon Spelling Tests
4/18 11:00 AM Dismissal - Holy Thursday
4/19 No School - Good Friday
4/21 Easter Sunday
4/22 No School - Easter Monday
4/23 No School - Teacher Inservice Day
4/26 3rd Grade Mass and Spirit Day 
4/26 Spell A Thon Pledge Money due to School
4/28 3rd Grade to Sing at First Communion - 1:00 PM - Stewardship in Action

 Need a fun way to practice math facts? Try out this website, Arcademics, students can race other students to see if they win. You can also make sure you are working on grade level skills by clicking 3rd Grade or even a certain content if you want, like multiplication.   Have fun!