I simply cannot believe that the school year is already coming to an end!  I have enjoyed watching your children learn and grow.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of their preschool experience.

We will wrap up the school year learning about animals. We will start the theme off by reading the story, Made By God.  It is a book that talks about God creating all of the animals and how some animals can be pets.  We are learning about the word, "responsibility" in regards to taking good care of our pets.

All three preschool classes earned an ice cream party from the money that we raised for the Spell-a-Thon.  I'm sure I don't have to tell you how excited they are about that!  Thank you for your efforts in helping to raise money for our technology program.  Again, we are able to keep 100% of the money raised, and it is spent to upgrade and add to our current technology throughout the building.



5/1 Preschool Payment Due

5/10 Dear Edwina Jr. Musical 7:00

5/11 Dear Edwina Jr. Musical 7:00

5/12 Dear Edwina Jr. Musical 2:00

5/21 Volunteer Appreciation Mass and Breakfast

5/21 Last Day for T-TH Class

5/22 Last Day for MWF and M-F Classes



During March we had a great time in all three classrooms incorporating so many learning activities into our Dr. Seuss theme.  The students had an especially good time with our special food projects.  We spent a lot of time learning about rhyming words, which is always fun for the students once they really get the hang of it.  Such a fun theme...and a lot of serious learning going on.

During the last two weeks we have spent a lot of time talking about Lent and preparing for Easter.  I feel like the students in all three of the classes are beginning to develop a good age-appropriate understanding of the Easter season. I have several beautiful religious children's books about Easter that we will be reading in the coming weeks.

As we move into April we will be covering all the new things that our Spring season brings to us. We will talk about the changes in the weather and the beautiful world around us.  The students will learn all about the life cycle of the butterfly and will learn the big word, "symmetrical".  They will get to practice making things that have symmetry.  We will also learn about different types of insects.  We will discover how many legs and how many body parts an insect has and then compare and contrast that to a spider.  They children will learn how insects can help us, and also how some can be harmful to us.

All of the students at SPCS are participating in the Spell-A-Thon fund raiser.  100% of the money raised goes directly back to our school and is used for updating and maintaining the technology throughout our building.  If every single student would bring in $50.00, we would raise over $20,000!!  Our preschool goal is $1000.00, if we reach our preschool goal, all of the classes will receive an ice cream party!

The preschool classes are participating in the Knights of Columbus 40 cans for 40 days.  We will be collecting non-perishable food items until Thursday, April 18th.


Important Dates

4/1 Preschool Payment Due

4/12 Spell-A-Thon Pledge Sheets Due to Teacher

4/15-4/18 Spell-A-Thon Tests

4/18 Spell-A-Thon Pledge Sheets returned to Students


4/19 Good Friday-No School

4/22 Easter Monday-No School

4/23 Teacher Inservice-No School

4/29 PTO Meeting 7:00

Thank you all for attending your child's conference.  I always enjoy visiting with you and hearing what the students share with you at home about our school day.  A special thank you to the parents that helped plan and organize our Valentine parties, the children had a blast!  Also, thank you for all of the Valentine cards and goodies that we received.

It is hard for me to wrap my brain around the fact that it is already March!  In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday, we have been reading many of his books and our centers and learning activities are all connected to his literature.   We will continue with our alphabet introduction and have lots of fun with rhyming words, using many of the Dr. Seuss books to do so.  We will also talk about the signs of spring and the changes the children see outside in the world around us.  The students will have an exciting surprise when our bear comes out of hibernation after spring break!

We will be learning about Lent and preparing for Easter.  We will be talking about Ash Wednesday, spending more time in prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  As part of our almsgiving and doing good deeds for others, we will be participating in the Knights of Columbus 40 Cans for 40 Days food drive. From Ash Wednesday until Arpil 18th we will be collecting non-perishable food items.  The class bringing in the most food items will win a Pizza Party from the Knights of Columbus.  Cans will count as one item, jars of peanut butter will count as two.

If you are sending a child to preschool next fall, make sure your paperwork is turned in ASAP...classes are beginning to fill up.


Important Dates

3/1 March preschool payment due

3/5 Spring Pictures-MWF students may come in between 8-10 am

3/6 Ash Wednesday

3/11-3/15 Spring Break


Each time I sit down to update my web page I am almost shocked at how quickly the previous month has passed!   During January we studied about hibernation and migration.  We discovered that there are many more animals besides bears that hibernate and learned about how different animals survive the cold winter months.  You may have heard that we have a bear hibernating in our classroom that will make his appearance in the spring.  We read and learned about all different types of penguins as well.  I'm sure by now you have heard about the "Macaroni and Rockhopper" penguins...those names were quite entertaining to the preschoolers. 

 As we move into February we will talk about emotions and feelings.  We will use all different sizes and colors of hearts to create art projects, and in doing so, we will be incorporating a lot of math during our art time. Our Valentine party dates are listed below.  Please send your child's valentine cards in a baggie with their name marked on it.  To keep things simple and quick when we pass cards out, please only have your child sign their name on the cards and do not address them to other students.

Conferences are coming up soon.  If you have not signed up for a time, please do so as soon as possible.  These conferences are very important as we look at appropriate placements for your students next school year.  It is a good time for me to discuss with you skills that your children need to continue to work on, especially those headed into kindergarten.




2/4 Preschool Payment Due

2/7 T-TH Valentine Party

2/8 MWF & M-F Valentine Party

2/11-2/14 Parent Teacher Conferences - NO PRESCHOOL

2/15 Teacher Inservice - NO SCHOOL

2/18 President's Day - NO SCHOOL

2/24 Basket Bingo

2/25 PTO Meeting







Happy New Year everyone!  2019 has arrived and we are excited to begin a brand new year at school.  We hope the children are ready for more fun and excitement when they return.  Transitioning back into the school routine can be difficult for some preschoolers.  Don't be surprised if you see some tears, I promise they won't last long.

December was a very busy month for us.  The children became little elves in the classroom: making and wrapping gifts, doing holiday art projects, learning new songs and finger plays and talking about the birth of Jesus.  Thank you so much for your donations to the Lord's Diner.  We assembled well over 600 gift bags to donate to families in need.  Thank you for helping the children experience the "giving" part of the holiday season.  They took great pride in knowing that they were helping others. 

January is sure to hold lots more fun for us in preschool.  Since transitioning back into a school routine is sometimes hard we will start the month by reviewing colors, shapes and numbers.  This gives the students time to practice some of the skills we have already worked on, while easing back into our school routines.  We will then move onto the theme, "winter" and learn about the changes that it brings to our world outside.  We will learn some fun facts about polar animals and you will be seeing lots of snowmen and penguins.



1/3 January Payment Due

1/3 Class Resumes

1/7 2019 Preschool Enrollment Opens

1/7 MWF & M-F Group Pictures

1/8 T-TH Group Picture

1/14 PTO Mtg 7:00


1/22 & 1/23 Parent Info Mtgs for those entering Kinder in fall 7:15

1/27-2/1 Catholic Schools Week




All things merry and bright will definitely be our classroom theme for the month of December, as there is always tons of glitter in a preschool classroom at this time of the year.  We have many fun things planned for each of the classrooms throughout the month but will try to keep our main focus on the true meaning of Christmas, a celebration of the birth of Jesus.  Living in a society where Christmas is often so commercialized, it is easy to lose focus.  We will continue our discussion about stewardship and helping others, especially at this time of the year.  All of the classes LOVE our Lord's Diner Project!! Thank you for the donations we have received already, please continue to send in bars of soap, we are nearing our goal of 650!  We have incorporated a lot of language and math into our collection project by counting, sorting, and grouping the items that the children have brought in.  They get so delighted when we come up with our new daily total!  December is also a perfect time to talk about the five senses.  We will incorporate the bright colors, sounds, smells and flavors that the Christmas holiday brings.  

I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas season with your families.  Thank you for sharing your greatest gifts with me.



12/3 Preschool Payment Due

12/6 Book Order Due

12/18 T-TH and M-F Christmas Parties

12/19 MWF Christmas Party


Thank you so much for attending parent-teacher conferences.  I enjoy having a few minutes to visit and share with you how your child is doing in the classroom.  It is fun for me to hear what they have to say about school when they are at home.

During November we will plan activities and experiences that help create an awareness of God's good gifts and that will help develop a feeling of gratitude toward Him.  Emphasis in the classrooms will center on families, food, homes and giving thanks.  We will also discuss and learn more about what "stewardship" means.  I will be encouraging the students to take part in our school-wide Lord's Diner Christmas Project.  We will be collecting toiletry items to go into bags for patrons of the Lord's Diner.  The gift bags will be passed out on Christmas Eve.  Last year our school collected enough items to put together 650 bags!

Please remember to send an extra set of clothes to keep at school that is "weather appropriate".  If a student needs to change for any reason, we do not want them in a tank top and shorts during the fall and winter months.  We will continue to go outside as long as we can, so be sure to send a jacket to school everyday.

I am thankful for all of your children.  Thank you for sharing them with me.


Fall will be our main theme for the month of October.  Fall is an exciting time of change, both in our classroom and in God's world around us.  We will discuss the changes of the season and identify the signs of fall.  Fall is a wonderful time to talk about nature and spend time outside observing the visible changes that the fall season brings.

We will learn about different types of leaves, why they change colors, what the veins are for, and how a tree starts from a tiny seed.  We will also learn that trees go to "sleep" after they lose their leaves.  Be listening for the vocabulary word, "dormant".  We will be sorting and counting different types of seeds and leaves.  In the art center we will be using the beautiful colors of fall in our art projects.

The second part of October will be spent learning about pumpkins.  We will learn how and where pumpkins grow.  We will be weighing and measuring pumpkins and using the words, "heavier and lighter".  The children will participate in several experiments using pumpkins, and of course, we will be making a yummy pumpkin treat!  The children have already started talking about Halloween and are very excited to share what they are dressing up as, sometimes it changes on a daily basis.  We will practice shapes, counting and patterning with all kinds of fun Fall and Halloween themed manipulatives.

I look forward to visiting with each of you at conference time.  Please note that there are no fall conferences for the T-TH class.  I will send home a simple progress report with those students and meet with you in the Spring.


Important Dates

10/1--Preschool payment due



10/25 PTO Mtg 7:00








The first two weeks of preschool have been GREAT!  The students are doing a super job adjusting to our school schedules and routines.  They have been busy meeting new friends and are becoming more comfortable with each other.  It is fun to see the social progression that takes place in the first few weeks of school, as the children get over any separation anxiety and bounce in the door smiling each day!

For the most part, I will be using 2-week themes throughout the school year for organizing learning activities for the students.  Through the themes the children will develop skills and learn information related to the theme we are focusing on.  Teaching through themes allows me to connect children's life experiences to learning.  With each theme we will integrate religion, reading, math, science, language, art, songs, and finger-plays.  This is a fun and engaging way to teach the students.  When students are actively engaged more learning occurs.

Our first September theme will be "Apples".  During our apple theme, the students will explore parts of an apple.  We will discuss the texture, size, and color of apples.  We will have an apple taste test and graph our results.  The children will learn that apples are a fruit and grow on trees. 

Our second theme for September will be "Bears".  During our bear theme we will be learning about the different bear species and where they live.  We will talk about "real and pretend" bears.  Using The Three Bears book, we will discuss sizes, more and less, and size seriation.


Important Dates


9/3 Labor Day-No School

9/4 Teacher Inservice-No School

9/9 Parish Picnic

9/10 Teacher Inservice-No School









Welcome to Preschool!  We are looking forward to an exciting fun-filled year.


Mrs. Dana Malone

Preschool Para