Weekly Reading Skills:


Phonics and Spelling Skill: Long Vowels a, i

Comprehension Skill: Author's Purpose

 Vocabulary Strategy: Multiple Meaning Words

Grammar: Types of Sentences


 Diary of A Spider 

 Phonics and Spelling Skill: Long Vowels o,u,e

 Comprehension Skill: Cause and Effect

 Vocabulary Strategy: Context Clues

 Grammar: What is a noun?


Teacher's Pet

  Phonics and Spelling Skill: Consonant Blends with r, l, s

 Comprehension Skill: Story Structure

 Vocabulary Strategy: Base Words and Endings  -ed  -ing

 Grammar: Singular and Plural Nouns



Unit 1

Work Like a Scientist:

*Scientists ask questions about the world around them.

They find answers by investigating through many methods*

~Essential Questions~

What Tools Can We Use?

How Do Scientists Think?

How Do We Solve a Problem?

Unit 2

Technology and Our World:

*Engineers use a process to design new technology to meet human needs.

Technology affects our everyday life and can affect the environment around us*

~Essential Questions~

What Is The Design Process?

How Can We Use The Design Process?

What Is Technology?


Social Studies:

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Welcome to Second Grade:

Students will learn about American symbols (e.g., the American flag and the bald eagle) and the proper way to take care of the American flag. They will discuss the importance of being honest.

 Where is the United States?

Students will learn the locations of various places in our country. They will also learn ways to measure and describe distance.


Important Dates:

Sept. 2- Labor Day: No School!

Sept. 9- Teacher Inservice: No School!

Sept. 8- Parish Picnic

Sept. 16- Stewardship Activity in Class

Sept. 23- Club Time!

Sept. 27- Spirit Day: St. Peter Shirt/Jeans

Sept. 30- VBRD: Prayer Circles