My Name is Gabriela

Phonics and Spelling Skill: The Long e Sound for y/ Changing y to i

Target Skill: Understanding Characters and Author's Choice

Vocabulary Strategy: Suffixes -y and -ful

Grammar: The Verb Be


The Signmaker's Assistant

Phonics and Spelling Skill: Words with -ar

Target Skill: Text and Graphic Features and Point of View

Vocabulary Strategy: Shades of Meaning

Grammar: Commas in Dates and Places


Dex: The Heart of a Hero

Phonics and Spelling Skill: Words with or, ore

Target Skill: Compare and Contrast and Figurative Language

Vocabulary Strategy: Prefix over-

Grammar: Commas in a Series


Penguin Chick

Phonics and Spelling Skill: Words with er, ir, ur

Target Skill: Main Ideas and Details and Cause and Effect

Vocabulary Strategy: Dictionary Entry

Grammar: What is an Adjective?



 Social Studies


Students will learn about world explorers (Christopher Columbus, Ponce de Leon, and Marco Polo) and US explorers (Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea)

North American Indian Nations:

Students will learn that American Indians were the first inhabitants of North America. They will learn about American Culture.

The Pilgrims Come to America:

Students will learn about the Mayflower Compact and the hardships the Pilgrims suffered in America, including disease and scarcity. They will also learn how American Indians helped the Pilgrims survive.

Changes in Communities:

Students will explore ways the daily life of early colonists changed over time and how communities eventually became the cities and towns we live in today.




In Science we just finished up discussing Plants.

We had a fun time learning about what plants need and how they grow. 

Next up for us is:

 Environments for Living Things

*How do plants and animals need one another?

*How are living things adapted to their environment?

*Can plants survive in different environments?

*How do environments change over time?


Feb. 12-13: Conferences 4:30-7:30 p.m.

Feb. 14: The Feast of St. Valentine! Valentine's Party 2:45

Feb. 15: No School: Inservice

Feb. 18: President's Day- No School

March 17: First Confession-2nd Grade (Note coming soon!)