Happy Easter!

He is risen. Alleluia!

Hello St. Peter Families,

During the month of March Grades K-8 polished up their Ping Pong skills.

Grades K-1 learned how to serve and volley.

Grades 2-8 played both singles and doubles games and learned how to keep score.

They played singles and doubles games of "King of the Table".

Some 7-8 graders also learned how to play Gaga Ball.

After Ping Pong, we moved on to Frisbee activities and games.

Grades K-2 worked with a partner to get the Frisbee from one end of the gym to the other without touching the floor. They also enjoyed trying to throw a Frisbee through a hoop.

Grades 3-8 played games of "Frisbee Hoops" and "Ultimate Frisbee"

The last week of March was spent playing one of the students' favorite games; "Kickball".

Grades K-3 played "Fitness Kickball", while grades 4-8 played "Matball".

We are beginning our spring Fitness Testing. Most of these tests can be practiced at home.

If for any reason your child cannot participate in P.E. please send a note, e-mail, or call the school. Points will be taken off his/her grade for unexcused non-participation.

Thank you for your continued support of the Box Tops program. Put your child's, teacher's name on the envelope of box tops.  The class sending in the most box tops will launch water balloons on their last day of P.E.

God bless,

Mrs. Linnebur