Hello St. Peter Families,

November was busy in P.E.

We began the month practicing our underhand throw by learning the steps to bowling. We first began with a beanbag, then moved on to a ball.

The next week all grades practiced their Frisbee skills. They played Frisbee Hoops. Grades 3-8 played Ultimate Frisbee and grades 6-8 also played Can-Jam.

The last week of November began the unit on basketball. All grades learned ball handling skills, passing skills, and dribbling skills. They played games like Bring Home the Bacon and Dribble Tag.

Keep clipping those box tops! We were able to submit over $600 worth this fall! We will have another submission in the spring.

Remember, if your child cannot participate for any reason, send a note from home or doctor. Your child's grade is based on participation and conduct.

Have a blessed Christmas!

Mrs. Linnebur

Dear St. Peter Families,

October was filled with many activities in Physical Education class.

All grades began the month playing soccer.

All grades practiced dribbling,passing and shooting. Grades K-5 put their dribbling skills to work while playing Soccer Pirates.  They also enjoyed Target Soccer, 2 v.2 Soccer, and regular half-court and full court soccer.

Middle school worked a little on fundamentals, then played some full field soccer games.

After two weeks of soccer it was time to take a look at our fitness and see where we need to improve. Students in grades 2-8 were tested on cardiovascular endurance, hamstring flexibility, upper body strength and endurance, abdominal strength and endurance, and back flexibility. Every student in grades 2-8 now has a fitness log so he/she can see exactly where they fall in the healthy fitness zone.

While the upper grades were fitness testing, students in grades K-1 learned how to jump a single rope, play Beanbag Tag, Cops and Robbers, and Line Tag.  They also practiced hand/eye coordination while playing with the OgoSport trampoline, and working with a bouncing ball on Bal-a-vis-x.

Thank you for all the box tops! We were able to submit a request for about $600!  Keep clipping and saving box tops throughout the holiday season. Put them in an envelope and write your child's class on the outside.  We will submit another request at the end of March.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Mrs. Linnebur