Hello St. Peter Families,

Happy May!

During the first week of April we finished a unit on Pickleball.  Pickleball equipment is a little like tennis.  It is played with a wiffle ball, racquet and a net.  Serving and scoring are different. This is one of the student's favorite games.

Grades K-2 learned how to serve and volley.

Grades 3-8 played games and played King of the Court.

The rest of the month of April was spend Fitness Testing with 2nd-8th grades.

We test cardiovascular endurance with the Pacer Test and the Mile Run (1/2 mile for grades 2-4).

We test arm strength with the Push-up Test, Pull-Up Test, and Flexed Arm Hang Test.

We test abdominal strength with the Sit-up Test.

We test hamstring flexibility with the Sit'n Reach Test.

And finally we test back flexibility with the Trunk Lift Test.

Please consider helping out with Field Day on May 23rd. We need over 50 volunteers to help the games run smoothly. With the small class of 7th grade  helpers this year, it is more important than ever that we have parents to help out!

Remember to send in box tops for a final tally at the end of the school year!  The class bringing in the most box tops wins a water balloon launch on the last day of their P.E.!

Thank you for all your support and have a safe and happy summer!


Mrs. Linnebur