Hello St. Peter Families,

During the month of August we covered the rules and procedures of Physical Education class. We played some tag games and then began a unit on Volleyball.

Kindergarten learned how to play Stuck in the Mud. They also practiced tossing and catching skills.

1st-8th grades practiced their passing and serving skills. 6-8 also worked on their hitting skills.

2nd-4th grades finished out the unit by playing a game called Catch and Throw Volleyball and learning how to rotate during the game.

5th-8th completed their unit of volleyball by playing regulation volleyball.

We begin September with a unit on football and it's skills.

Remember, your child's grade is based on participation and conduct. If for any reason he/she cannot participate in P.E., please send a note, e-mail, or call the office for him/her to be excused.

Thank you for allowing me to work with your child.

Have a great school year and God bless your families.


Mrs. Linnebur