Hello St. Peter families,

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your children! They are wonderful and are doing an outstanding job in P.E.

The first few days of school we learned about the rules and procedures of the Phys. Ed. class.

Then we dove right into volleyball skills for K-5 and middle school girls.  Middle school boys enjoyed learning passing routes and playing flag football.

K worked on tossing and catching to a partner and then over a volleyball net. They also played a catching game where they try to go from one end of the gym to the other with a partner without the ball touching the floor. Some partners actually made it!

Grades 1-5 worked on bumping and serving skills and games.

They bumped from one end of the gym to the other, with a partner, without the ball touching the floor. They played a serving game called "Dead Fish". They then ended the unit by playing modified games of volleyball which they enjoyed very much!

Remember, your child's phys. ed. grade is based upon his/her participation and conduct.  If for any reason he/she cannot participate in phys. ed., please send a note, e-mail, or call the office so your child can be excused.

We are making another box tops submission at the end of October. Please mark the baggie or envelope with your child's class so his/her class can get credit.

The class sending in the most box tops by the end of the year will be rewarded!

Have a blessed September,

Mrs. Linnebur