We're trying something new in 4/5G. A couple mornings each week, I write a prompt on the board. Each student writes his or her response on the board after unpacking. Here's a couple we've done already! I'm enjoying seeing the students' responses. 


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Important Dates

10th- No School

14th- Book Orders Due

14th- Mid-quarter

20th- Class Mass

28th- Spirit Day


4th Grade Math- We have finished Ch. 1 over place value. This month we will dive into our chapters on multiplication starting with multiplying by 1 digit numbers. Please remember that students should be practicing their math facts regularly. 

4th Grade Science- We have been learning about how we can study science. We will be finishing up this unit soon. Keep an eye out for details about a test coming up. In unit 2 we will learn about the engineering process. 

4th Grade Religion- We have learned about Jesus and how he leads us to happiness. This month we will learn about sin and how our conscience helps us. Later we will learn more about the sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. 

5th Grade Math- Students should be practicing multiplication and division facts regularly. We will be using this knowledge to learn new skills throughout the year. We will be finishing up our first chapter about multiplication and numerical expressions this month. Keep an eye out for details about the test coming up. Chapter two will focus on division. 

5th grade Science- We are in the middle of our instruction about how scientists work. We have learned about scientific methods. Throughout this month we will learn about scientific tools and become scientists to use our observation and investigation skills.

*Reminder- We need straws and masking tape for a science investigation later this month. If you have any of these items, please send them to Mrs. Garton labeled "Science Materials."

5th grade Religion- We already survived our first religion test and most of the students did very well. Please remember that we complete a religion chapter in about five days, so students will have a religion test almost every week. I send home a study guide before each test. Please make sure your child is studying before these tests. The next couple chapters will focus on continuing Jesus' mission and celebrating the sacraments.