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Whew! Catholic Schools' Week is both the most exhausting and most rewarding week of the school year! It is great to see the students celebrate and appreciate the gift that we have in St. Peter Catholic School. The “Community Give Back Day” was a huge success. I went with the group who helped at Our Daily Bread Food Pantry, which is operated by Catholic Charities. Right now, they are working with the Kansas Food Bank to provide more fresh produce to their clients, and in order to make room on the shelves for the produce, they needed a LOT of boxes of canned food moved and reorganized. They were so grateful for the students who came and helped out. I was very proud of our kids--they were respectful and worked hard. A big thank you to Mrs. Hickok and Mrs. Gerstenkorn, who organized the many details to make the day possible, and to the parents who took time out of their schedule to transport us. And now, back to work….

The sixth grade class has finished reading The Freedom Walkers. We have studied author’s purpose and connotation and denotation. Next week we will be looking at text structure and how sentences and paragraphs contribute to the development of ideas in the text. Please remind your students to continue to read! Mid-quarter is Wednesday, February 6.

The seventh grade technology class is finishing up the unit on digital citizenship. We are currently studying how to determine the credibility of a website. Students will take a test over digital citizenship next week, and then we will begin to learn Google Sheets, which is comparable to Microsoft Excel.

The eighth grade Spanish class has finished the first unit in the “advanced” lessons. The second semester of Spanish is more difficult than the first. In the first unit, students primarily learned vocabulary. In the second semester, however, they are learning how the language is structured--the conjugation of verbs and placement of words in a sentence. While it is more difficult, it is also exciting, because students are given the tools to actually communicate their own thoughts. This week we are learning the difference between definite and indefinite articles.

With Catholic Schools’ Week in the rear view mirror, it’s time to look ahead to spring conferences. I am looking forward to getting to meet up with parents again. Thank you for all that you do--I really appreciate it!


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