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We made it to December! Although it is a short school month, December always has a lot going on!

The sixth grade finished their novel unit over Maniac Magee, and we followed up with a short unit on figurative language. The next novel we will tackle is Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. This novel is non-fiction, but it deals with the topic of race relations, which is also an important theme in the fictional Maniac Magee. Students will discuss how different genres deal with topics as well as learn and review skills necessary for reading non-fiction text.

The seventh grade finished our unit on word processing using Google Docs. Students are now able to format Google Docs and add images, tables, break and wrap text, insert headers, footers and page numbers, and do many other helpful tasks. This week, we began our study of digital citizenship. Digital citizenship is a broad subject which includes online etiquette and cyber bullying, online safety, plagiarism and fair use, conducting effective searches, and identifying legitimate sources.

The eighth grade Spanish students have almost finished our preliminary unit. In our last preliminary lesson, we will learn the colors. We will then have a review unit encompassing all of the eight preliminary units and will end the semester with a comprehensive review test.

The newsletter students are busy finishing up their stories so that we can lay out our second issue. This quarter newsletter includes only three students, and they have worked very hard. Thank you to Avery Garretson, Patrick Rowden, and Celia Snetsinger!

The art II students just started working on our last art assignment for the quarter. They learned about the trompe l'oeil technique, and will be painting a landscape and then creating a trompe l’oeil window to be placed over the landscape. I am very excited to see how this one turns out!

Image result for angelDon’t forget Advent Angels--the fun begins this week! 

Week 1 (Dec. 3-7): Card

Week 2 (Dec. 10-14): A piece of fruit

Week 3 (Dec. 17-19): Candy

Classroom Christmas Party (December 19) : $5 gift for your Advent Angel!


Stuco is still collecting items for the Lord’s Diner. The middle school has been assigned to shampoo, and at last check, we were still  short 250 bottles!


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