Lesson 28 - Weather

Anchor Text - "The Kite" from Days with Frog and Toad

Read Together - Measuring Weather

Sight Words - across, head, second, ball, heard, should, cried, large

Phonics - Long i Spelling Patterns igh, y, ie

Comprehension - Story Structure

Spelling - my, try, sky, fly, by, dry, pie, pie, cried, night, light

Grammar - Adjectives


Lesson 29 - Insects

Anchor Text - Hi! Fly Guy

Read Together - Busy Bugs

Sight Words - caught, thought, beautiful, took, minute, friendship, listen, idea

Phonics - suffixes -ful, -ly, -y

Spelling - sad, sadly, slow, slowly, dust, dusty, trick, tricky, help, helpful

Grammar - Adverbs



Chapter 12 - 2D Geometry




Language Arts

Lesson 24 - Life Cycle

Anchor Text - A Tree is a Plant

Informational Text - Grow, Apples, Grow!

Sight Words - ready, kinds, covers, country, earth, warms, soil, almost

Phonics - Vowel Digraph

Comprehension - Sequence of Events

Spelling - soon, new, noon, zoo, boot, too, moon, blew, soup, you

Grammar - Indefinite Pronouns


Lesson 25 - Learning About Our Country

Anchor Text - The New Friend

Informational Text - Symbols of Our Country

Sight Words - buy, city, family, myself, party, please, school, seven

Phonics - Vowel Combinations

Comprehension - Understanding Characters

Spelling - how, now, cow, owl, ouch, house, found, out, gown, town

Grammar - Contractions


Lesson 26 - Visual Arts

Anchor Text - The Dot

Read Together - Artist Create Art!

Sight Words - above, bear, even, pushed, studied, surprised, teacher, toward

Phonics - ed, ing endings, Long e Spelling Patterns

Comprehension - Compare and Contrast

Spelling - mix, mixed, hop, hopped, hope, hoping, run, running, use, used

Grammar - Exclamations



Mad Minutes Addition and Subtraction 

Chapter 9 - Test

Chapter 10 - Represent Data

Chapter 11 - Three-Dimensional Geometry



Unit 6 - Earth's Resources

Unit 7 - Weather and Seasons

Unit 8 - Objects in the Sky



Chapter 17 - Followers of Jesus

Chapter 18 - We Celebrate Pentecost

Chapter 19 - The Church Helps the World

Chapter 20 - We Pray with Holy Songs

Holy Week and Easter


Social Studies

Week 17 - Presidents and Patriots

Week 18 - Rights and Responsibilities

Week 19 - Communities

Week 20 - Changes in Communities


March News


Lesson 21 - Gardens

Anchor Text - Frog and Toad Together " The Garden" 

Informational Text - Garden Good Guys

Sight Words - few, window, shall, night, noise, world, loudly, story

Phonics - r-controlled vowel ar, or

Spelling - far, arm, yard, art, jar, bar, barn, bark, card, yarn

Grammar - Subject Pronouns


Lesson 22 - Animals

Anchor Text - Amazing Animals

Read Together - The Ugly Duckling

Sight Words - baby, begins, eight, follow, learning, until, years, young

Phonics - r-controlled vowels

Spelling - her, fern, girl, sir, stir, bird, fur, hurt, turn, third

Grammar - The Pronouns I and Me


Lesson 23 - Pets

Anchor Text - Whistle for Willie

Read Together - Pet Poems

Sight Words - again, along, began, boy, father, house, nothing, together

Phonics - Vowel Digraph oo, pattern CVC

Spelling - look, book, good, hook, brook, took, foot, shook, wood, hood

Grammar - Possessive Pronouns


Chapter 8 - TEST

Chapter 9 - Measurement




February News


Lesson 18 - Agriculture

Anchor Text - Where Does Food Come From?

Read Together - Jack and the Beanstalk

Sight Words - first, food, ground, right, sometimes, these, under, your 

Comprehension - Author's Purpose

Phonics - Vowel Pairs ai, ay

Spelling - play, grain, sail, mail, may, rain, way, day, stay, pain, paint, spray

Grammar - Months, Days, Holidays

 Lesson 19 - History

Anchor Text - Tomas Rivera

Sight Words - done, great, laugh, paper, soon, talk, were, work

Comprehension - Sequence of Events

Phonics - Vowel Pairs oa, ow

Spelling - show, row, grow, low, blow, snow, boat, coat, road, toad, flown, toast

Grammar - Future Tense


Chapter 7 - Compare Numbers


Unit 5 - Environments

Unit 6 - Earth's Resources

January News


 Lesson 14 - Citizenship

Essential Question - Why are Rules Important?

Anchor Text - The Big Race

Read Together - Rules and Laws

Sight Words - four, over, two, five, starts, watch, into, three

Phonics - Long a, soft c, g, dge 

Comprehension - Conclusions, Cause and Effect

Spelling - came, make, brave, late, gave, shape, waves, chases

Grammar - Verbs

Vocab - Shades of Meaning

 Lesson 15 - Animals

Essential Question - What makes birds different from mammals?

Anchor Text - Animal Groups

Read Together - Animal Picnic

Sight Words - bird, fly, those, both, long, walk, eyes, or

Phonics - Long i, digraphs kn, wr, gn, mb

Comprehension - Compare and Contrast

Spelling - time, like, kite, bike, white, drive, stripe, mice

Grammar - the verb "be"

Vocab - Suffixes -er, -est


Finish Chapter 5 - Addition and Subtraction Relationships

Chapter 5 TEST

Chapter 6 - Count and Model Numbers


Finish Unit 4 - Plants

Unit 4 TEST

Unit 5 - Environments


Chapter 11 - Jesus Teaches Us About Forgiveness

Chapter 12 - We Pray with God's Word

Chapter 11 & 12 TEST



Lesson 12 - Jungle Animals

Anchor Text - How Leopard Got His Spots

Read Together - The Rain Forest

Sight Words - been, never, own, brown, off, very, know, out

Phonics - digraphs -ch, -tch

Comprehension - Sequence of Events

Spelling - chin, chop, much, chip, rich, chick

Grammar - Commands

Vocabulary - Homophones


Lesson 13 -Seasons

Anchor Text - Seasons

Read Together - Four Seasons for Animals

Sight Words - down, green, open, fall, grow, yellow, goes, new

Phonics - digraphs -sh, -wh, -ph

Comprehension - Cause and Effect

Spelling - ship, shop, which, when, whip, fish

Grammar - Subjects and Verbs

Vocabulary - word ending in -ed, -ing, -s 



Chapter 5

Lesson 5.1 - Problem Solving - Add or Subtract

Lesson 5.2 - Hands On - Record Related Facts

Lesson 5.3 - Identify Related Facts

Lesson 5.4 - Use Addition to Check Subtraction

Lesson 5.5 - Algebra - Missing Numbers

Lesson 5.6 - Algebra - Use Related Facts

Lesson 5.7 - Choose an Operation

Lesson 5.8 - Algebra - Ways to Make Numbers to 20

November News

Welcome to November!  I can't believe we are this far into the school year!  It sure is flying by!  I really enjoyed getting to visit with all of you at conferences last week.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions throughout the year!  Ms. A will be taking over the classroom full time for the next 2 weeks.  Please feel free to email her as well if you have any questions or concerns!

 Language Arts

 Lesson 9 - Writing

Anchor Text - Dr. Seuss

Read Together - Two Poems from Dr. Seuss

Sight Words - after, read, draw, was, pictures, write

Phonics - Short "e"

Spelling - sled, step, yes, let, red, ten, bed, get

Grammar - Singular and Plural Nouns

Vocabulary - Antonyms


Lesson 10 - Feelings

Anchor Text - A Cupcake Party

Read Together - Happy Times

Sight Words - eat, give, one, put, small, take

Phonics - Short "u"

Spelling - us, sun, but, fun, bus, run, jump, must

Grammar - Using  a, an, the

Vocabulary - Synonyms



Chapter 3 Test - Addition Strategies

Start Chapter 4 - Subtraction Strategies



Finish Chapter 3 - Animals

Start Chapter 4 - Plants


Social Studies 

Week 8 - Changes in Transportation 



Chapter 8 - We Give Thanks to God

Chapter 7 & 8 - Test

Unit 2 Wrap - up

Chapter 9 - Jesus Is God's Son



October News


Language Arts

 Lesson 5 - At the Zoo

Anchor Text - Gus Takes the Train

Informational Text - City Zoo

Words to Know - friend, hold, full, many, good, pull

Phonics - Short "u"

Comprehension - Story Structure

Spelling Words - up, bug, mud, nut, hug, tub

Grammar - Adjectives


Lesson 6 - Traditional Stories

Anchor Text - Jack and the Wolf

Read Together - The Three Little Pigs

Words to Know - away, every, call, hear, come, said

Phonics - final consonant ck

Comprehension - Understanding Characters

Spelling - an, bad, can, had, cat, ran

Grammar - Complete Sentences


Lesson 7 - Animal Communications

Anchor Text - How Animals Communicate

Read Together - Insect Messages

Words to Know - animal, of, how, some, make, why

Phonics - short "i" 

Comprehension - Main Idea and Details

Spelling - in, will, did, sit, six, big

Grammar - Commas in a Series



Chapter 3 - Addition Strategies

Mad Minutes - Addition and Subtraction



Unit 3 - Animals


Social Studies

Week 4 - Good Citizens

Week 5 - Time

Week 6 - What is History?



Chapter 5 - God is Our Loving Father

Chapter 6 - Baptism Is a Wonderful Gift

Chapter 7 - Loving God and Others






September News!

AR starts this month for 1st grade!  Remember to have your child read the book to you 3 times before they come back to school and take the test.  They need to pass 3 AR test a month with 80% or above.


Language Arts

Lesson 2 - What happens during a storm?

Words to Know - he, look, have, for, too, what

Anchor Text - The Storm

Spelling - if, is, him, rip, fit, pin

Target Skill - Understanding Characters

Grammar - Possessive Nouns

Writing - Narrative Writing


Lesson 3 - Why is going to school important?

Words to Know - sing, do, they, find, funny, no

Anchor Text - Curious George at School

Spelling - log, dot, hot, top, lot, ox

Target Skill - Sequence of Events

Grammar - Action Verbs

Writing - Narrative Writing


Lesson 4 - Who can you meet in a neighborhood?

Words to Know - my, here, who, all, does, me

Anchor Text - Lucia's Neighborhood

Spelling - yet, web, pen, wet, leg, hen

Target Skill - Text and Graphic Features

Grammar - Adjectives

Writing - Narrative Writing



Finish Chapter 1 - Addition Strategies

Start Chapter 2 - Subtraction Strategies

Mad Minute Daily Practice



Chapter 3 - God's Word Teaches Us

Chapter 4 - We Give Praise to God

Unit 1 Test

Chapter 5 - God is Our Loving Father

Chapter 6 - Baptism Is a Wonderful Gift



Finish Unit 1 - How Scientists Work

Unit 2 - Technology All Around Us

Start Unit 3 - Animals


Social Studies

1st Grade Studies Weekly

Week 2 - Location and Distance

Week 3 - Rules and Responsibility

Week 4 - Good Citizens








Dear Parents and 1st grade students –

        I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how thrilled I am to be working with all of you this school year!  For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Erin Barthelme or Mrs. B and this is my 8th year here at St. Peter.  I started at St. Peter back in 2004 teaching Pre – K and Preschool over at the old school.  I taught that for 2 years before staying home with my kids for 7 years.  When I was ready to return to teaching I came right back to the school I loved and missed!  I taught Kindergarten for 4 years and now I will be starting my 2nd year teaching 1st grade!  I have been married to my husband Matt for 14 years and have 4 wonderful kids, 3 girls and 1 baby boy.  The girls all attend St. Elizabeth and are in 7th, 4th, and 1st grade.

I am happy to announce that this school year we have a student teacher joining us in our classroom!   Her name is Mary Alumbaugh and she will be with us until the middle of December.   I’m so excited to get this school year started and I hope you are ready to have a great 1st grade year!  Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your New Teacher J

Mrs. B