Hello Parents,

We are in a brand new month of school, and we are at the point that we are really starting to hit our stride in terms of our routine. Just a few updates/reminders for what is going on this month.


Math - We are now starting Chapter 2 - Subtraction Concepts in our math books. We will be powering through this over the next 2 weeks or so. Once we finish that, we will hop into Chapter 3 - Addition Strategies. It's a very odd chapter, but we'll power through. 

Of course, we are continuing to work on our Fact Fluency everyday in class. My hope is that all of the students will be able to, at least, hit the 15 correct answer mark in both addition and subtraction by the end of the month.


Science - We are continuing through our first Unit - How Scientists Work. We should finish that in the next 2 weeks. Then we are going to skip Unit 2 (For now), and we will begin Unit 3 - Animals. That should be a very fun unit for the kids to get into.


Social Studies - We will be starting and finishing the Studies Weekly - Location and Distance this week. Then we will be doing two more magazines this month. Including Week 3 - Rules and Responsibilities, and Week 4 - Good Citizens.


Thank you all for your support, God Bless.

Verso l'Alto!

Ryan Rausch

Hello and welcome to a new school year here in 1st grade. Thanks again to everyone for making time to come out to Open House last night. It was a joy to get too meet you all. I will be posting on here at the beginning of each month to give a quick rundown of what things will be looking like for the month in Math, Science, and Social Studies. That said, here is what we will be doing in class in our short month of August.


Mathematics - We will be starting our 1st Chapter in our books - Addition Concepts. We should get through that fairly quickly and should be starting Chapter 2 - Subtraction Concepts by the end of the month.

We will also be hitting our fact fluency pretty hard right out of the gate. We will have timed tests everyday in both addition and subtraction. The goal by mid-year are 25 addition facts in 2 minutes and 25 subtraction facts in 3 minutes. 


Science - Our first unit in Science will be dealing with our 5 senses and how we are able to use them. The unit will also include many different science tools and what those tools are specifically used for.

The students will be recording data using their 5 senses to classify the different features of everyday objects in our classroom.


Social Studies - This first magazine we will be reviewing will be going over the "Pledge of Allegiance", what 'Liberty' means, and the history of the American Flag. 

The students will be creating their own replica of the original American Flag in class.


We will also be discussing many different saints and some of their incredible stories as well. I'm excited to see all of the kids on Wednesday and to get this show on the road! God Bless.

Verso l'Alto

Ryan Rausch

The final month of the year, can't believe we are already here. The year has flown by.


Right now we are the midst of DIBELS testing, Map Testing, and EasyCBM. We finished our Reading Map Test yesterday, and will be doing our Math Map test today (May 1st). DIBELS will be going on for the next week or so. We are also testing our Math facts hard for the remainder of the year. My goal is for everyone to be able to do 50 addition facts in 3 minutest, and 50 subtraction facts by the end of the year. A quick overview of what we are doing for the remainder of the year.

Math - We are wrapping up our 3-D shapes chapter today, and are testing on it tomorrow (May 2nd), Then we will be studying 2-D shapes next week. Once we finish that, we will be doing a lot of refreshers.

Science - We are currently studying Sun and Moon patterns, we will be finishing up that Unit within the next week, then we will be discussing matter, and force in the last 2 units of the year.

Social Studies - We are finishing talking about Communities right now, and then we will be discussing Goods and Services, Jobs, Money and Trade, and Spending and Saving. So we have a lot to cover.

Reading - We will be wrapping up our final Unit. We have the stories "What Can You Do?", "'The Kite' from Days with Frog and Toad", "Hi! Fly Guy", and "Winners Never Quit!"

Right now we are dealing with words ending -er and -est.

We will also be working a lot on our writing skills a lot for the remainder of the year, hitting on story structure often.

Religion - We are currently wrapping up our Chapter on Pentecost, and will be taking that test today (May 1st). Then we will be discussing the Unit - The Church Helps the World. We will also wrap up the year discussing saints we have talked about, as well as the entire school year of work.


We are almost to the end, have a great day!


Verso l'Alto!

Ryan Rausch

Wow, can't believe we are already moving into April. This year has truly flown by quickly. As usual here is what is upcoming in 1R.


Math: We are wrapping up Chapter 9 in Math over measurement and time, we will be taking the test in the 1st week of April. Then we will be moving on to Chapter 10 - Represent Data.

We are getting into crunch time regarding our Math facts, so we will be hitting those really hard over the remainder of the school year. The goal is 50 addition and 50 subtraction facts in 2 minutes


Science - We are finishing up our Unit 6 over Earth's Resources, we will be taking that this 1st week as well, then we will be moving onto Weather and Seasons.


Social Studies - We are finishing up our section over American Monuments, and we will be discussing American patriots and presidents starting this week.


ELA - This week we will be reading the story "A Tree is a Plant"

Words to Know - Ready, Country, Soil, Kinds, Earth, Almost, Covers, Warms

 Spelling - Soon, New, Noon, Zoo, Boot, Too, Moon, Blew, Soup, You, Grew, Scoop.

We will be really focusing on our writing skills as well throughout the rest of the school year in preparation for next year.


Religion - We continue to discuss the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, and how the Holy Spirit helps and guides us. We will then begin to discuss our Church family, and the Lenten Season. We will be celebrating Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati's birthday (April 6th) this first week back as well, as we will be finishing up our comic book we have been reading about him. We will continue having discussions over various Saints as well.

We will also be continuing our Lenten sacrifice of praying by the cemetery on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Then praying by the Fatima statue on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Have a wonderful day, and God Bless.


Verso l'Alto!

Ryan Rausch

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

Lent is approaching, and so is Spring Break! Just a couple of quick runthrough of what is upcoming in the 1R classroom. 


Math - We are finishing up Chapter 8 - Two Digit Addition and Subtraction, we will be taking our test on Wednesday the 6th. Then we will be beginning Chapter 9 over Measurement.

Science - We are continuing Unit 6 over Earth's Resources. Discussing the properties of rocks, soil, etc. We should be finishing that up shortly after Spring Break, then we will be starting Unit 7 over Weather and Seasons.


Social Studies - We are currently discussing responsibilities. Then we will be moving onto how we Celebrate American, then we will discuss the American Monuments. 


Reading - This week our words to know and spelling words are...

Words-To-Know - Few, Night, Loudly, Window, Noise, Story, Shall, and World.

Spelling - Far, Arm, Yard, Art, Jar, Bar, Barn, Bark, Card, Yarn, Smart, Chart

This will be over our story "The Garden"


Words to Know - Baby, Follow, Years, Begins, Learning, Young, Eight, and Until

Spelling Words - Her, Fer, Girl, Sir, Stir, Bird, Fur, Hurt, Turn, Third, Curl, and First.

We will be reading the story "Amazing Animals"


Religion - We will be discussing the Holy Spirit as our helper, and how the Holy Spirit Helps Us Pray. 

We will also be discussing St. John Paul II, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, and many other Saints.

Our class has decided that we will be praying by the cemetery on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. By the Rosary on Tuesday and Thursday. We will also be giving up the big blocks in our classroom for lent. 

Have a wonderful and fruitful lent!

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

Today marks the 1st of the new month, and the close of Catholic schools week. With that, an update on what we will be doing.

Math - We just finished Chapter 6 - Count and Model Numbers, and we will begin Chapter 7 - Compare Numbers on the 4th.

Religion - we will be taking our Chapter 11 and 12 test. Then we will start Chapter 13 - Jesus Promised the Holy Spirit, Chapter 14 - God's Gift of the Holy Spirit, Chapter 15 - The Holy Spirit Is Our Helper, and Chapter 16 - The Holy Spirit Helps Us Pray. We will be practicing Lexio Divina, talking about Father's homilies, and continuing our strive to work on our virtues.

Social Studies - We will be doing weeks 13-15, The subjects of these are "Who's in Charge?", "I am Responsible", and "Celebrate America"

Science - We will be finishing up our Unit 5, over animal's environments. Then we will be jumping into "Earth's Resources" when we finish that in about a week.

Reading -

Week 1 - our story "Where Does Food Come From?" 

Words to Know - First, Food, Ground, Right, Sometimes, These, Under, and Your.

Spelling - Play, Grain, Sail, Mail, May, Rain, Way, Day, Stay, Pain

Week 2 - Our story "Tomas Rivera"

Words to Know - Done, Great, Laugh, Paper, Soon, Talk, Were, Work

Spelling - Show, Row, Grow, Low, Blow, Snow, Boat, Coat, Road, and Toad

Week 3 - Our story "Little Rabbit's Tale"

Words to Know - Door, More, Mother, Old, Try, Use, Want, and Wash.

Spelling - Bedtime, Sunset, Bathtub, Sailboat, Flagpole, Backpack, Playpen, Raincoat, Inside, Himself.

Hello, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year to you all!

I hope you all had a chance to relax a bit, and enjoy the holidays. Now we're back to school and gearing up for the second half of the year. Here is what is on the agenda for this coming month.


Math - We are finishing up our Chapter over Addition and Subtraction relationships, and will be diving into our new Unit over Counting and Modeling Numbers.

Science - We are currently in the process of finishing our Unit over Plants (How they grow, their parts, etc.). Once we have finished that Unit, we will be going into our Unit over Environments.

Social Studies - Moving forward, we will covering several different topics in Social Studies. Over the next month, we will be learning about: The First Thanksgiving, Maps, and the Earth.

Religion - We have just finished up reading Chapter 9 - Jesus is God's Son. So, moving forward, we will be entering Chapter 10 - The Gift of the Eucharist, and Chapter 11 - Forgiveness. We will continue to be working on our Virtues as a class, and really discussing how we have shown those virtues in our daily lives. Living a life of virtue is essential to our faith, and what will ultimately lead is to happiness, and heaven.

Reading - We will continue through Chapter 13, and starting the 7th, we will be entering Chapter 14 - The Big Race.

Words to Know - Four, Five, Into, Over, Starts, Three, Two, Watch

Spelling - Came, Late, Make, Gave, Brave, Shape, Waves, and Chases.

Chapter 15 - Animal Groups

Words to Know - Bird, Both, Eyes, Fly, Long, Or, Those, Walk

Spelling - Time, Bike, Like, White, Kite, Drive, Stripe, and Mice


Thank you very much for taking the time to check out what we have going on. Have a wonderful day, and God Bless!


Verso l'Alto!

Ryan Rausch


Wow, can't believe we are already in December! Time is just flying by this year. A few updates on where we are at right now.

Science - We have just started our Unit over Plants. So we will be learning about what plants need, as well as the different parts of plants over the month.

Social Studies - We are finishing up our magazine on Transportation, and will be diving into the magazine "Fact or Fiction" next week.

Religion - We are finishing up our chapters over thankfulness, and will begin Chapter 9 - Jesus Is The Son of God. Where we will be discussing Mary's "Fiat", or "yes" to the angel Gabriel.

Math - We are in the beginning stages of Unit 5 - Addition and Subtraction Relationships.

Reading - We will be reading "How Leopard Got His Spots", discussing Proper Nouns, and Possessive Nouns

Words to Know - Been, Brown, Know, Never, Off, Out, Own, Very

Spelling - Chin, Chip, Chop, Rich, Much, Chick.


Thanks for taking a look at our December update. Have a wonderful day, and a very Merry Christmas!


Verso l'Alto!

Ryan Rausch



Aaaand we are back!


Just a quick overview of the month of November.


Math - Unit 4 - Subtraction Strategies

          Unit 5 - Addition and Subtraction Relationships


          Mad Minute Tests (Subtraction and Addition). Goal is 25 correct answers by December. Keep practicing those Math facts!


Science - Finishing up Unit 3 - Animals

              Starting Unit 4 - Plants


Social Studies - Finishing up Studies Weekly - History

                       Start up Studies Weekly - Past, Present, and Future


Reading - 

Words to Know - After, Draw, Pictures, Read, Was, Write.

Spelling Words - Yes, Let, Red, Ten, Bed, Get, Sled, Step.


Reading the story "Dr. Seuss"

Letters with the short e, and blends with s.


Religion - 

Finish Chapter 7 - Loving God and Loving Others

Start Chapter 8 - We Give Thanks To God.

Well, September flew by. Here is what is upcoming in our classroom over the next several weeks.


Math - We will be going through Chapter 3 - Addition Strategies in our Go Math! books. Plus, we will be doing our Math fluency timed tests. Our goal is to be able to do, at least, 25 addition or subtraction problems in 2 minutes by December.


Reading - Today we will be starting our new story "Gus Takes The Train"

We also will be going over...

  • Words to Know: Many, Friend, Full, Pull, Hold, Good.
  • Spelling Words: Up, Bug, Mud, Nut, Hug, Tub
  • The Short u sound
  • Adjectives
  • Consonant sounds qu, z

Science - We will be continuing 2nd Unit "Technology All Around Us", and eventually we will be getting into our 3rd Unit - "Animals".


Social Studies - We are jumping into our Studies Weekly magazine that will be reviewing Rules and Responsibilities


Religion - We are beginning our Unit discussing God as our creator, us as his creation, and how we can glorify God's creation. Starting this month we are focusing on the virtue of "gentleness", and we will continue to go over a new virtue every week. The virtues we have discussed so far are; patience, compassion, and gentleness. We have also begun taking virtual tours through different basilicas throughout the world; which has been a lot of fun.


We are making great strides academically and spiritually since the beginning of the school year, and I look forward to this continuing. As always thanks for all of your support!