Wow, can't believe we are already in December! Time is just flying by this year. A few updates on where we are at right now.

Science - We have just started our Unit over Plants. So we will be learning about what plants need, as well as the different parts of plants over the month.

Social Studies - We are finishing up our magazine on Transportation, and will be diving into the magazine "Fact or Fiction" next week.

Religion - We are finishing up our chapters over thankfulness, and will begin Chapter 9 - Jesus Is The Son of God. Where we will be discussing Mary's "Fiat", or "yes" to the angel Gabriel.

Math - We are in the beginning stages of Unit 5 - Addition and Subtraction Relationships.

Reading - We will be reading "How Leopard Got His Spots", discussing Proper Nouns, and Possessive Nouns

Words to Know - Been, Brown, Know, Never, Off, Out, Own, Very

Spelling - Chin, Chip, Chop, Rich, Much, Chick.


Thanks for taking a look at our December update. Have a wonderful day, and a very Merry Christmas!


Verso l'Alto!

Ryan Rausch



Aaaand we are back!


Just a quick overview of the month of November.


Math - Unit 4 - Subtraction Strategies

          Unit 5 - Addition and Subtraction Relationships


          Mad Minute Tests (Subtraction and Addition). Goal is 25 correct answers by December. Keep practicing those Math facts!


Science - Finishing up Unit 3 - Animals

              Starting Unit 4 - Plants


Social Studies - Finishing up Studies Weekly - History

                       Start up Studies Weekly - Past, Present, and Future


Reading - 

Words to Know - After, Draw, Pictures, Read, Was, Write.

Spelling Words - Yes, Let, Red, Ten, Bed, Get, Sled, Step.


Reading the story "Dr. Seuss"

Letters with the short e, and blends with s.


Religion - 

Finish Chapter 7 - Loving God and Loving Others

Start Chapter 8 - We Give Thanks To God.

Well, September flew by. Here is what is upcoming in our classroom over the next several weeks.


Math - We will be going through Chapter 3 - Addition Strategies in our Go Math! books. Plus, we will be doing our Math fluency timed tests. Our goal is to be able to do, at least, 25 addition or subtraction problems in 2 minutes by December.


Reading - Today we will be starting our new story "Gus Takes The Train"

We also will be going over...

  • Words to Know: Many, Friend, Full, Pull, Hold, Good.
  • Spelling Words: Up, Bug, Mud, Nut, Hug, Tub
  • The Short u sound
  • Adjectives
  • Consonant sounds qu, z

Science - We will be continuing 2nd Unit "Technology All Around Us", and eventually we will be getting into our 3rd Unit - "Animals".


Social Studies - We are jumping into our Studies Weekly magazine that will be reviewing Rules and Responsibilities


Religion - We are beginning our Unit discussing God as our creator, us as his creation, and how we can glorify God's creation. Starting this month we are focusing on the virtue of "gentleness", and we will continue to go over a new virtue every week. The virtues we have discussed so far are; patience, compassion, and gentleness. We have also begun taking virtual tours through different basilicas throughout the world; which has been a lot of fun.


We are making great strides academically and spiritually since the beginning of the school year, and I look forward to this continuing. As always thanks for all of your support!


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

Starting Friday (9/7/18) We will be diving into a few new units. 


Math - Subtraction Concepts


Reading - We will start the story "The Storm" next week 9/10/18.

Words to Know - He, Look, Have, For, Too, What

Spelling Words - If, Is, Him, Rip, Fit, Pin


Science - We will start the Unit "Technology All Around Us"


Social Studies - We will be going over Location and Distance.


Religion - Chapter 3 and 4, "God's Word Teaches Us" and "We Give Praise to God"


Thank you for all of your support, and God Bless!


Verso l'alto!

Ryan Rausch

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

Just wanted to give an update on what we will be going over in each of our subjects over the next few weeks. We will start hitting the books next week. I'm excited to get us into a routine, and really dig into the material. Judging by today, the kids are eager to start learning!

Math - Unit 1 - Addition Concepts

Reading - We will be reading "Jack's Talent", and "Back to School" while brushing up on our recognition of letters, and high-frequency words.

Science - We will be learning about our senses, and different science tools (measuring cup, scale, etc.)

Social Studies - We will be studying the pledge of allegiance, what it means to be citizens, and the number of states in our country (at the start of our country, to now).

Religion - We will be learning about our church as a community, Jesus as the Good Shepherd, How to follow Jesus, and the Sign of the Cross.

I'm looking forward to getting all these things rolling next week. Don't hesitate to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Verso l'Alto! (Toward the Heights!)

Ryan Rausch