As another school year comes to an end, I want to thank all the middle school parents for a great year.  I've tried to retire twice before, but this

is my official last year teaching 12-15 year olds!!!!  What was I thinking!!!  Never a dull moment or able to relax.  I've enjoyed the ride and love 

that my last three years teaching were here at St Peter.  Best parents and best staff ever.  Since we still have 17 days left, the students are still

learning and working.  Barely.  


6th grade math:  They are finishing up Area of figures and will start the last chapter for the year, Ch. 11  Surface Area and Volume of 3D figures.

7th grade math:  They are working on Transformations: slides, flips, and turns of figures.  Then they will learn about Dilation of figures.  The last 

                          chapter will be Ch.  22 Volume of 3D figures.

8th grade math:  They are finishing up Two Way Tables and then will spend their last 10 days working on Algebra One skills for next year.


Special thanks to Brenda for being an awesome principal, leader, and friend.  I worked in the Wichita district for 35 years and had too many principals

to count.  Brenda is the best I've worked for.  I will miss you, but not enough to come back!!!!!!  Also a special thanks to Father B.  I probably would 

have passed on the job four years ago if he would have been too old and cranky.  Most days he reminds me of the 12-15 year olds I teach.  That is

a good thing!!!  I love his talks at Mass and both his serious side and funny side.  I have made some great friends and will always be blessed to have 

worked here my last few years.       Kent LaFever