Hello Parents, we are finally at the end of the year and we want to finish strong.

6th Grade:

In 6th grade will be going over Medieval Europe, from the Great King Charlemagne to the Renaissance. The students will learn about feudalism and how the Roman Catholic Church spread Christianity through missions and peace.

7th Grade

In 7th Grade we will be discovering Europe and the history that helped shape it. We will be discussing the kings of the middle ages and how they acquired their lands. We will also be discussing the Modern history of Europe and how 2 World Wars helped reshape Europe along with the world. Lastly we will be going over recent politics and economy of Europe with trade and the creation of the Euro.

8th Grade

The last part of our American history we will be discussing the wild west and the Gilded Age. The class will learn the fate of the native Americans along with what political issues came after the attempted impeachment of President Johnson.