May 2019

6th Grade- to end the school year we will be learning about Medieval Europe  and the struggles of the church during 500-1500 B.C.. The students will also learn about the history of the Catholic Church during the crusades, along with discovering of fiefdoms. To end this great school year we will learn about the changing political landscape of Europe which will lead to the discovery of the Americas.

7th Grade- to end the year we will be learning about the geography of Europe along with the different cultures that live in this region. We will also discuss the history of this area and how it was occupied during the early years of development.  To end we will discuss the Great War and how it affected Europe and its future development.

8th Grade- we will be finishing the Civil War and moving into the reconstruction phase after the war. We will learn about the political landscape during the reconstruction Time Period and how it will affect the south and north. I am still planning on having the Civil War reenactment on May 8th. More information will be provided as we get closer.