6th Grade

In 6th grade we will be completing our Greek mythology unit, and moving in to Roman history. We will be discussing the rulers and conquest of Rome. The students will also learn how Christianity came to life under the Roman Empire. To end our Roman Unit we will be watching the 1959 classic Ben-Hur.


7th Grade

In 7th grade this month we will be starting our North American geography units. The students will be assigned 5 U.S. States or Canadian provinces, and will be creating informational pages over them. We will then bring all the pieces together to create one giant book that will be on display for the school to view. When we have completed with North America we will be discovering the culture of Latin/South America.


8th Grade 

In 8th grade this month we will be moving westward, with the expansion of the United States to help complete our manifest destiny. We will then discuss the presidential policies of Monroe and discuss the treatment of Indians under the Jacksonian democracy.