Hello parents and students,

We are moving right along in history this year and looking forward to the first full month of School.

6th Grade

This month we are traveling to the start of civilization, located in Mesopotamia. We will be learning about farming technology along with animal husbandry. We will be visiting some of the first cities created along with the first Empire (Babylon). The students will get a working knowledge of the first Governments along with the challenges they faced.

7th Grade

This month we are learning about the creation of the state of Kansas and how it was one of the hotspots before the Civil War. We will be learning about the political landscape of our state and learn about some key figure like John Brown and how he helped influence Kansas in the early stages.


8th Grade

This month in American History we will be learning about the early years of America and the struggles they would face. We will be discussing key factors (Laws, Taxes, Representatives) of creating and maintaining a country like America.