It's great to be a part of the St. Peter Catholic School community. I've had a great time beginning to get to know all of the children throughout the grades. 


The remainder of August and September, general music classes (K-6) will be studying age/grade appropriate music concepts to develop the child's understanding of music. This can vary from Kindergarten discovering their different types of voices (speaking, whispering, shouting, singing), to 6th grade learning how to read music on the staff. The classes will consist of teaching through my example in singing or playing piano, percussion instrument participation (for rhythmic concepts), and other visual/auditory aids. Explanation of the Church's musical tradition is also incorporated through teaching/explaining sung aspects of the Mass.


Choir will be working on part singing, according to the student's given part from the first day of class (Soprano, Alto, or Tenor). Hymns and other choral works will be taught.


Introductory Piano Lessons will present the fundamentals of music theory and how those basics are incorporated into all music, which will then be practiced on the piano. Major scales and major triad chords will be the primary focus to begin this August and September.


I look forward to a great year!

George Garza