During a typical atrium session, the whole group comes together for a lesson at the beginning of a session.  The Montessori method allows for the children to choose materials they are drawn to for their "work time" after the lesson.  They may choose material from the new lesson or any of the previous lessons.  There's many choices, but one interesting aspect is many children go back to the same work area each week and really grow spiritually in one particular area before moving on to another.  At the end of the session, after materials are cleaned up,  the class comes back together for a few more group songs before saying good-bye for the week.     

Following are pictures of the children

during their work time -

this is always a busy and productive time.  

There's lots of spiritual growth, learning, and discovery! 

Here's one of the preschool classes singing a song 

at the end of one of their atrium sessions.  

The children love to very carefully set up a beautiful altar.  


The cruets are prepared before Mass begins;

they love to prepare their own cruets.  

There are always children at the altar area.

Silver polishing - taking care of the things we are given

is an important part of stewardship.

Many children grow spiritually using their creativity.  

Cutting, pasting, poke art, tracing, etc.

Taking care of the world God has given us

Polishing plant leaves




Polishing plant leaves

 The kids can find and label the places

where Jesus walked in Israel.

They've learned about three cities:  

Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Jerusalem. 

 And, of course, all the children love working with

the Parable of the Good Shepherd materials!