Funeral Dinners 

Funeral Dinners are  prepared  for  families  of  the  parish  after  the  funeral.  Volunteers  are  needed  to  help  serve  the  meal  and  assist  with  cleanup.    The Altar  Society  Guilds  organize  and  prepare  the  food  donations  (desserts and salads).  Extra volunteers and food donations are needed when a funeral meal falls during a Holiday or when little notice is given.

Name Carol Dugan
Phone 316-773-5129
Name Patricia Becker
Phone 316-529-0635


Food Guidelines for Funeral Dinners

Gene Francis Auction

Gene Francis Auction is located just west of Schulte on K42. Volunteer ladies serve food & drinks twice a year during the sale.  We have lots of fun and workers are always needed.

Name Jean Hanson
Phone 316-524-5502
Name Carol Siegrist
Phone 316-524-6357