Second quarter is ending in just a few short weeks! Where has the time gone? Make sure you are reading to get your 12 AR points. Be checking Powerschool to see if you are where you want to be for the end of the second quarter and first semester. Advent Angels have started so make sure the gifts for the week get turned in by Friday afternoon. Here are some important dates you need to know about for December:

12/1: First Friday- Adorations, Advent Angel Cards due!

12/5: ELA Interim Test

12/6: Confessions @ 10:45

12/7: Advent Angel Fruit due!

12/8: NO SCHOOL! Immaculate Conception!

12/11: Christmas Music Program @ 7:00 pm, Dress Rehearsal in the morning

12/15: Spirit Day!

12/19: 5M mass

12/20: End of second quarter and first semester, Christmas Part @10, Dismissal @11:00

In English Language Arts, we are finishing up our narrative short stories. We will be publishing them and sharing with the class. We are taking our second interim test in English Language Arts to help us practice for the state tests in the spring. We will continue working with informational texts picking out main idea and details and using text evidence to support our claims.

In Social Studies, we have been learning about the colonization of America. We have learned about the economies, religious beliefs, and daily life of these early colonies. To help us better understand, we have been participating in a colony simulation. Each colony has a name, a flag created by the students, and had to sail from England to the New World and successfully land. As the rounds progress, the colonists can trade and expand to try to become the most successful colony in the New World. We will be wrapping that up as well as Unit 3 before break.


What is Happening in 5M

November 27th- December 1st, 2017:

"I like the project we are doing in science, we are growing crystals! It is going well so far. We got assigned a partner to help out. In math we started to divide decimals. It was hard at first but it’s easy."


"Some fun things about this week were that we have our Aloha Christmas play on Dec. 11, 2017, so that is coming up. We had our thanksgiving break and now we have to catch up on everything. In our colony simulation we landed in the New World and we draw a weather card everyday to predict the weather. Next, we draw a hunting,fishing, and farming card. We have certain men and woman doing the jobs. The only way we can earn more men or women is by having another ship come and sell them to us. We earn food if our men, women, or children collect anything from the hunting, farming, or fishing . At the end of each round we have to feed all of our animals and people!"


November 6th-10th, 2017:

"Something fun about this week is today for Veterans day we get to wear a red, white, or blue shirt. For Mass we are celebrating Veterans day. Some veterans are coming to Mass today. During Mass I loved when Father Bernie named all the veterans and kids took up flags with a name of the veterans on each flag. I got to take a flag up and the veteran's name was Clyde Bunker." 



"In Social Studies we are doing this Colony Simulation it is really fun! We are making our own flag for our groups, each person in the group gets their own job, and things like that. This week/month I’m excited about a play we are going to do on Christmas. It’s called Aloha Christmas. I have a part in it, and I am Leilani/Mary in the nativity. It is a very fun play, the songs are fun, and the parts are fun we have had a lot of fun things going on in 5M. I would like to thank Mrs.Garton & Ms.Miller for letting us do this!"



"This week we are doing a colony simulation. It is fun and we get to make flags and a name for our teams. The teams in 5M are the Ballers, $avage Ninjas, Survivors, and the Justice League. We also got to see the sixth grade science stuff. They had tectonic plates, earthquakes, and volcanoes."



October 12th, 2017:

"I loved our field trip this week, we went to the zoo for a fire safety lesson. I liked the part where they used the jaws of life on the cars!"



"My favorite thing about this week was the field trip. We got to see the smokehouse, animals, jaws of life, and the fire trucks. It was so cool. We also had father Bernie teach us about social studies/religion. It was really cool."



“My favorite thing about our field trip was the electricity demonstration, it was really cool because they cooked hot dogs to demonstrate the electricity going through your heart."



Check out one of the Aircraft demonstrations from our field trip:


October 6th, 2017:

"Some fun things about this week were,my volleyball team won our game,Mrs.Garton got to find out if her baby was a boy or a girl, he is a boy, and we got a new student in our class, Briana. We also find out our parts in our 3rd,4th,and 5th grade Christmas play.This week was pretty fun!"

- Hannah


"Fun things about this week are...we got to see if Mrs. Garton has a boy or girl! We got a new student: Brianna! Now we have 22 students in our class. Then, we won our volleyball game against the second place team now we are still in first! Next, Mrs. Greenway announced the play cast and I got Nina. Then, my friend, Hannah Palmer, got glasses. Also, we have a field trip coming up. We are going to the Sedgwick County Zoo. We are going to see the animals and a fire prevention activity."



Ms. Emma Miller