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 Middle School Religion



Mission Statement:


"To Teach Jesus Christ"



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Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

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We are Called to BE the LIGHT to the World!
6th Grade
Students are learning about the general understanding of the period of the judges in Israel's history, a time of great adjustment for the Chosen People. They are studying a few judges who were charismatic military leaders. They are encouraged to reflect on their choices of role models and consider the heroes and heroines portrayed in modern media.
In addition, students will be studying the establishment of a monarchy in Israel. They meet Samuel, Israel's last and greatest judge, and the first two kings of Israel, Saul and David. They will come to a better understanding of the mission God entrusts to those in authority. They consider the symbolism of the oil used in sacramental anointings.
Words to Know: 
* charism     * judges     * media     * abstain     * Samuel     * Saul     * David    
* anoint     * Christ     * Messiah     * Eli     * Jonathan

Current PROJECT:
Study of the Old Testament  part 3  Due April 20th.
 This project is being explained in class and given some time in class.
This project is a homework assignment.
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 7th Grade
Students are learning about how the Seventh and Tenth Commandments protect our right to freedom and to own property. They are also studying the Eight Commandment, which protects our right to know the truth and to have a good reputation. They will learn how to practice honesty and truthfulness builds love and trust in community.  In addition, they are learning the Christian view of the sacredness of sex. They will see it in the context of true love, marriage, and family life. They are learning the sixth and ninth Commandments require fidelity as a protection of family life. they are taught ways to lead a chaste life.
Words to Know:
*Evangelization     * Magisterium     * miracle     * absolution     * confession     * contrition     * penance     * viaticum    
* abortion     * ageism     * euthanasia     * racism     * scandal     * sexism     * suicide     * Beatitudes     * meek  
* Stewardship     * Catholic Social Teaching (C.S.T.)     * greed     * social sin     * sexuality     * adultery
Current Project
Parts of the Mass Project (part 2)  Due: April 24th.