Altar Society

The Altar Society is a ministry of parish women who volunteer to maintain the Church altar, organize and host parish activities and receptions when requested. Fundraisers for our ministry include the St. Peter Fall Bizarre held the second Saturday in October, two Gene Francis concession stands for the local auction and the Adorned Table Luncheon in early April. Our funeral committee hosts a cookie reception and funeral dinner for families of the parish upon request. The Altar Society is a great source of sisterhood and invites all women of the parish to attend our meetings and activities. Meetings are held @ 7 p.m. the 3 rd Thursday of the month between September and May. Salad suppers are held in September and May @ 6:30 p.m. with meeting to follow.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to call a contact on this web page or look in the parish directory for an officer’s number.


Co-President Tara Baalmann
Co-President Deb Gowing
  Secretary Vicki Richuber
 Treasurer Julie Ummel 
Activities Director Renee Bockover


Date 3rd Thursday of each month 
from September to May at 7:00pm
Location St. Dominic Hall

Activities, Events, Service Projects

  • Guest Speakers
  • Christmas Lights Tour
  • Casino Trips
  • Eating out with the group
  • Melodramas
  • Playing Games
  • Gene Francis Auction
  • The Fall Craft Fair
  • RCIA Reception
  • Hosting Parish Funeral Dinners
  • Seminarian Care Packages

Fall Bazaar Chairperson(s) Needed

Altar Society is looking for new Fall Bazaar chairperson(s) for Fall 2018. We would like give you time to shadow the bazaar coming up October 14th. To volunteer or if you have questions please call Tara Baalmann at 204-6155 or Deb Gowing at 650-6642. This is an excellent way to increase your Parish Stewardship.

2017 Altar Society Upcoming Events


Thursday, 9-21-17  

6:30 p.m.


Meetings will resume in Dominic Hall Salad Supper w meeting to follow. Every lady of the Parish is welcome so come and meet some new friends and bring a dish to share!

Saturday, 9-23-17

Variety of shifts


Bierock Making Day

School Cafeteria


50 volunteers are needed to assist in making 2000+ bierocks. This is a fun filled busy day with various shifts to work. Sophomore students are always welcome.

Friday, 10-13-17

Variety of shifts


Cinnamon Roll Making Day

School Cafeteria


20 volunteers are needed to assist in making enough cinnamon rolls for the Fall Bizarre which is pan after pan!

Thurs, Friday & Sat.

10-12, 10-13 & 10-14


Baked Good for Country Store

@ Fall Bazaar


Every lady of the Parish is asked to make their favorite baked good, snack or treat to donate to the Fall Bazaar. These items can be sent to school on Thursday or you can bring the item on Friday evening or early Saturday a.m.

Friday, 10-13-17

Variety of shifts


Fall Bazaar Set-Up Day Volunteers are needed to assist with an assortment of tasks. Great time to work if your kids have games on Saturday!

Saturday, 10-14-17

Variety of shifts


Fall Bazaar 60+ volunteers are needed to work in the kitchen, Country Store, hostess, empty trash and assist with tear down/ clean-up. Sophomores we need to help you complete your BC stewardship hours!

Thursday, 10-19-17


Meeting w String Art Craft Night

Dominic Hall


Short meeting with follow up of Fall Bazaar.

Pre-register with Deb Gowing @ 650-6642 for String Art Craft Night after the meeting. We will have more information soon about the 3 choices of designs. Ccost will be $10 per project. You must pre-register by October 11th.
Thursday, 11-16-17

Meeting w Self Defense Class

This meeting will be held in school cafeteria.

Meeting @ 7 p.m. Self-defense to start @ 7:30 p.m.

Please wear comfortable clothes

Additional Sticky Kitties will be for sale @ $2 each.


Female and Fearless a woman’s self-defense class will be sponsored by Altar Society. Watch for more information. Ages 12-90 welcome. No cost to Parish Women. Please pre-register with Jill Allison @ 524-0932 or Deb Gowing @ 650-6642 by Nov 8 so we will have enough defense leaders.
  Christmas Party We are currently planning a Christmas event so watch for details in bulletin.

Fr. Leo Blasi's First Mass Reception

Slicer Donated to Lord's Diner


Praise the Lord no more onions to cut by hand at the Lord’s Diner! An electric food chopper was presented to David Horton, Kitchen Manager, at the Lord’s Diner with proceeds raised from two special events. Premier Jewelry parties held by representative Carolyn Elmore, and an Adorned Table Luncheon hosted by St. Peter the Apostle Altar Society.