The 4th quarter of 5th grade is here! This year has just flown by! April will be a busy month here in 5th grade. We are excited for Mrs. Garton to come back to us, as well as our DARE graduation. To complete DARE, we will be writing a 5 paragraph essay about everything that we have learned about making good decisions and being an outstanding citizen, student, and friend. We also will be using a brains and applying all the knowledge we have learned in our state assessments this month. During the testing window, please make sure your students are getting a good night's sleep, a healthy breakfast and lunch, and always encourage them to do their bests! Here are some helpful hints for if your student is experiencing some test anxiety:

  • get up and exercise, especially if it is nice out, fresh air will do them good!
  • get in the routine of going to bed early to get a good night's sleep
  • listen to upbeat music to help put them in a good mood and boost their confidence
  • remind them daily how bright they are and how great they are going to do

Important dates for April:


4/4: Class Mass, Confessions, Battle of the Books @ St. Elizabeth's

4/9-4/13: Science State Test window

4/13: Civil War Reenactment (pending good weather)

4/16-4/20: English Language Arts and Math State Test window

4/18: Battle of the Books @ St. Peter

4/19: Mid-Quarter 4

4/25: NO SCHOOL!

4/27: Spirit Day

English Language Arts: For AR this quarter, each student was able to set their own points goal as long as it was at or above 14 points. Encourage your student to be reading every night to help meet their goal. We will be taking our ELA State Test the week of April 16th. Leading up to that, we will be doing lots of test prep and practice tests to prepare. We will also be working on our biography writing projects learning how to write introduction and conclusion paragraphs and how to correctly cite our sources.

Social Studies: We have officially started our unit on the Civil War. We will be learning about the causes and tensions that led up to it, the important battles that took place, and reconstruction after the war. We will test our knowledge and skill in a Civil War Simulation. We will be combine forces with Mr. Green and the 8th grade classes to test our trivia and strategy knowledge.