Image result for February It's hard to believe it's already February.  Spring Break and State Assessments are just around the corner!

6th Grade will be continuing in our book Earth's Water and Atmosphere.  We will begin a new unit on the atmosphere and on energy transfer, wind and weather.  We will do a project on weather when we get to that lesson.  The students will create a 3D type of weather phenomenon and explain it as if they are a meteorologist.  This class impresses me with every new project so I can't wait to see what they come up with.

7th grade will continue our journey into outer space.  We will begin talking about Earth's place in the Universe and learn more about our solar system.  We will do a project to learn more about our Earth-Moon-Sun system which includes the seasons.  

8th grade will continue with Physical Science.  We will begin practicing for State Assessments and continue with our book Matter and Energy.  We will learn the different types of energy, talk about thermal energy and heat, and discover the effects of energy transfer.


New Year, New Semester!                                                Image result for snow and storms

This song keeps going through my mind:  "oh the weather outside is frightful"...needless to say, I do not like freezing weather.  


I am excited about the new semester and what we have in store.  The 6th graders will continue to study about the Atmosphere and Water probably until Spring Break.  We are diving into the oceans (pun intended)  and how they affect our climates.  

7th grade is starting a new book:  Space Science.  I love these lessons because it seems that every day we are discovering new things about what our universe holds.  This is such a perfect time to talk about God and how God created all of this wonderment.  

8th grade is getting into some Physical Science.  This is always fun because we can go to the lab more often and do some hands on experiments and projects.  I love this 8th grade class so much and I'm already getting sad thinking that they will be gone next year.  They are exceptional and they will shine in High School.

Ms. Lori George