The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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All my classes will be very busy doing projects and learning their new curriculum.

6th Grade has started a new book:  Earth's Water and Atmosphere.  Before the Christmas break we will be studying and creating the Water Cycle and then talking and studying in depth about oceans and ocean currents.

7th grade: is learning about the different body systems through reading, lecture, and research. They will be creating a board game on all 10 body systems we have studied.  The 8th grade classes will then play these games and give their opinions on how well they were done.  So far, these students have come up with some awesome ideas!

8th grade will be studying the immune system and Nutrition/Fitness.  Each student will write down a weeks worth of food they eat and then we will look at the nutritional aspects of our choices and how to make better ones.  We will then make a healthy food program and fitness program that we will try to follow for 7 days.  Each student will keep a journal and see if they can feel a difference in their bodies.


Ms. Lori George