Q: Billy's mom had 4 children. The 1st one was April, the 2nd was May, and the 3rd was June. What was the 4th child named?
A: Billy.

Happy Easter!! Fourth quarter has begun, and we are in the Easter and spring spirit. Our St. Peter readers keep earning paper chains for us to hang as they pass AR tests over books they've read, and we continue to support students and teachers as they prepare for state assessments.  

Please help support our STOP, DROP AND ROLL math fluency effort as we prepare for state assessments. Each day a school-wide signal is given to:

STOP what you are doing. DROP down some math fluency practice. ROLL with your brain to work on getting faster and more competent in basic math facts. 

Each day at a time unknown to the students, a song is played over the intercom signaling students to STOP, DROP AND ROLL for five minutes. Any additional math facts practice at home will help students perform even better on their assessments. Why not consider some STOP, DROP AND ROLL time at home?

Please continue to save your box tops throughout the school year and over the summer! We helped Mrs. Linnebur count the box tops she sent in at the end of February, and it's very exciting to watch them add up to real money for our school! Be looking for our collection dates next fall.