May ... 2N!

It's already May!

This has been a quick, productive year for the students of 2nd Grade!

We have:

* become proficient students

* learned how to study

* practiced referencing text

* received two sacraments

* become good friends with classmates

* learned to trust each other in the learning environment

* understood that we must be reliable students & friends

* decided that all work required is possible when we concentrate & choose to learn well.


Please keep your student's mind & learning engaged throughout the summer break!

More things can be introduced, attempted, and learned during their 3rd grade year

when skills are kept alive during summer.

Allow your child time to:



Work with math skills (basic facts expertise is KEY!)

Begin learning multiplication facts

Partake in artistic endeavors

Have rich conversations

Write letters, postcards during travel, journal summer activities, or compose stories (recall & write about the Saints!)


Things to have on hand for engaging summer thinking:

Library card


Art pad

Pens, markers,  colored pencils, drawing pencils

Glue, rulers, construction paper

Flashcards (+/- facts to 20; beginning multiplication)

Supplies for fun, small science discoveries (examples: bug habitat, magnifying glass)


The students have been a joy to work with during 2nd's a pleasure to see the ways they've grown in goodness, holiness, academic acuity, confidence, and size!

I wish you a restful, serene summer full of the right kind of laziness and with time for recollection of the wonderful things your children have accomplished and the amazing road ahead of them.

April 2017 2N

Congratulations to the 2nd graders of the school and parish for having made their 1st Confessions on  Sunday, March 12th! It was a humbling and wonderful sight to witness. The students will be making monthly confessions now with Fr. Bernie.

First Holy Communion is @ 1:00 P.M. on Sunday, April 23rd (Divine Mercy Sunday!). More information about this blessed and holy event will be coming home during the next couple of weeks.


The Church recommends monthly confession in order to maintain a heart & soul worthy of receiving Holy Communion. Please help your 2nd graders continue on in this beautiful habit during summertime!


It's nearly impossible to emphasize just how important generous experience and exposure to reading is for students. We routinely recommend that a variety of materials be available at home, as well as generous, routine provision of time for reading set aside in the home. Please also consider the continued importance of your reading aloud to your child(ren). Modeling fluent, expressive reading is known to influence a child's desire to read -and leads to increased fluency of their own!

  • Pick books that are interesting, above a child's reading level but well within his/her interest level.
  • Pick books that model excellent writing.
  • Pick books that you really enjoy, that you will delight in sharing with your child.

Check out (and bookmark) the  Literacy Connections site for ideas and inspiration!


2nd grade has found so much great success in math this year! It's exciting been an exciting phenomenon to witness.

Our wish list for skills -which means please practice at home!- is as follows:

  • Addition and subtraction practice with and without regrouping up to the thousands in place value;
  • Telling time to the 5 minute increments;
  • Elapsed time ("Sam started his homework at 4:00 and worked for an hour and a half. What time did Sam finish his homework?")
  • Money: counting coins, addition, subtraction, and word problems.

Please, please, please also provide beginning experiences in multiplication (classified as repeated addition in our standards) -if you haven't already!- with your 2nd grader. You'll be SO glad and grateful for this head start once 3rd grade is under way.

2N ~February~ 2017


It's February: a time of unique beauty, love, and the renewal of hope as Winter unfolds towards Spring. It's a good time to take a look @ your 2nd grader's PowerSchool account in order to apprise yourself of their standards progress in all subjects.



We will continue to learn about Jesus' mercy & forgiveness in this season of the Sacrament of Penance. We are steadfastly preparing our hearts and minds for First Confession on Sunday, March 12th, when we will welcome your children to an ever-deepening membership in the Church and within the Love of Christ!

Please commit to bringing your family to the Sacrament of Reconciliation once each month.


As we approach First Holy Communion we will continue to learn about Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, His teachings, and striving for a greater participation in the Mass. Please continue to listen to your children pray

the required prayers of 2nd grade -primarily the Act of Contrition, the Memorare, the Pledge to the Cross, the Morning Offering and the Hail Holy Queen. We will be assessing your 2nd grader's ability to say these prayers aloud, independently, during the next few weeks.



The students are very enthused with the work they encounter in math and I imagine they'll love the new challenges that the 2nd semester brings, too. We are about to work with three-digit addition and subtraction, with and without grouping to/from the hundreds. If you know that your 2nd grader has struggled with 2-digit regrouping please be extra-vigilant with 3-digit skills.


Please, please have the students continue to practice basic facts -to 20- and concentrate on both accuracy & speed! It's clear to see which students are dedicated to the required fact practice, as well as those who have soundly mastered them! Please continue to oversee some sort of fact practice -your student is at great disadvantage if they do not know facts to 20 on sight. The problem-solving that your child will be encountering will rest on a secure foundation if you ensure they're quick & correct with basic facts.


As mentioned in my previous web entry,  it is time to expand your students' horizons to multiplication (which in the KCCRS is referred to @ 2nd grade as "repeated addition"). It's also imperative that practice with telling time & counting money be worked into your daily homework time, too.




February is full of good things:

Feb. 14: The Feast of St. Valentine! Valentine's Party 2:45

Feb. 16: No School

Feb. 17: No School: inservice

Feb. 20: President's Day- No School

March 12: First Confession-2nd Grade (Note coming soon!)

Feb 24: Spirit Day

Feb 26: Basket Bingo!

March 12: First Confession-2nd Grade (Note coming soon!)



Mrs. Neises