February 2018

Hello St. Peter families,

The month of January began with scooter activities for students in K-2.  They enjoyed riding the scooter individually and also with a partner.  They played games like Bring Home the Bacon, and Scooter Tag. Students then moved on to Long Rope Jumping activities.  They learned how to turn a rope, jump a pendulum swung rope, and finally they practiced jumping inside a turned rope. Some 1st and 2nd graders mastered the skill of running into a turned rope and so enjoyed playing School.   During Catholic Schools Week students in grades K-2 played Archangel Tag.  We talked about the 3 archangels and what they are known for.

Grades 3-4 also enjoyed Scooter Tag.  They competed in relays. They played Hockey Pirates.  They then enjoyed several days of playing Scooter Hockey.  Students in grades 3-5  then moved on to Long Rope Jumping activities.  They began by playing School.  They then enjoyed showcasing their skills of partner jumping with one rope.  During Catholic Schools Week students in grades 3-5 played Religion Scrabble.  They chose a religion word from the white board, ran to end of gym, picked a letter, and spelled the word one letter at a time. Points were awarded for each letter of words spelled correctly.

Grades 5-8 enjoyed a unit on Floor Hockey.  The students first practiced accuracy.  They then played 2 on 2 with no boundaries. Crazy!  Finally they played full court floor hockey, which is one of their favorite games. 

With only a few days of P.E. left before the 8th grade vs. Teachers volleyball game, 8th graders wanted to practice their volleyball skills.  So while they practiced volleyball, 7th grade played Deck Tennis.  Deck Tennis is played on a volleyball court with a rubber ring.  The ring must be thrown like a frisbee and caught with one hand.  The player has 3 seconds to throw the ring, and the ring must be thrown with the same hand it was caught with.  If the ring touches the floor or goes out of bounds, a point is scored for the other team.

The 8th graders made a good showing at the volleyball game against the teachers. They played together as a team and won several games, but the teachers came away victorious.

Please keep sending in Box Tops!  Write your child's teacher's name on the envelope so that class will get credit.  The class sending in the most box tops will launch water balloons at the end of school.

Thanks for all your support.


Mrs. Linnebur



January 2018

Happy New Year!

The gym was busy during the month of December with lots of basketball activity.

Grades K-2 practiced dribbling, passing, catching and shooting. They played dribbling games like Pac-Man Dribbling, Dribble Tag, and Dribble Knockout (no one is out). They did a lot of shooting (which they love) and even learned how to jump stop and then shoot.

Grades 3-5 also worked on dribbling, passing, catching, and shooting.  They learned several ball handling drills. They played dribbling games like Dribble Tag, Basketball Pirates, and Dribble Knockout.  They played shooting games like 21, and Knockout.  They practiced full court jump stops with a shot.  The last day they enjoyed a scrimmage with their classmates.

Grades 6-8 also learned several different ball handling drills. They practiced 2 ball passing with a partner and played Dribble Knockout, Knockout and 21.  They participated in full court jump stop and lay-up competitions.  Toward the end of the unit they enjoyed several games of basketball.

The month of January begins with Floor Hockey for grades 5-8, scooter hockey for grades 3-4, and scooter activities for grades K-2.

Thanks for sending in box tops!

Stay warm and healthy.


Mrs. Linnebur