May 2017

Wow! Here we are in the month of May!

All students began the month of April finishing up a unit on Pickleball.

K-1 students then worked on jump rope skills, hand-eye coordination and played tag games.

Then, students in grades 2-8 were assessed on their cardiovascular endurance, upper body and abdominal strength, and hamstring and back flexibility.

The fourth graders are learning about Nutrition.  They have been studying fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins.

All students  are now in the middle of a unit on Soccer. They are learning the rules, and strategies of this physically demanding game.

We are planning on running the mile during the second week of May. Grades 5-8 will run a mile and 4th grade will run a 1/2 mile.

K-5 will finish out the month of May with a Rhythm unit.

Grades 6-8 will learn to swing a golf club and play softball/baseball , weather permitting.

Field day will be held May 25th and school will dismiss at 11 am.

Have a safe and happy summer!



April 2017

Hello school families!

During the month of March grades K-5 ended their unit on long rope jumping with many partner jumping activities and playing school.  They then moved on to frisbee throwing with grades 3-5 learning the game of Ultimate Frisbee.  The last week of March they began the Pickleball unit which continues into April.  Grades K-2 are learning how to serve and hit the ball back.  Grades 3-5 are learning the rules and how to keep score.

Grades 6-8 began the month of March finishing up a unit on Badminton.  They learned the rules and how to keep score.  They finished the unit by playing "King of the Court".  With a few days of nice weather, we went outside for a unit of Flag Football.  We were back inside the last week and began a unit on Pickleball; a game similar to tennis, played with a wooden or plastic racquet and a wiffle ball.

Remember, if your child is unable to participate for any reason, please let me know via e-mail, written note, or by calling the office.  Your child's grade is based on participation and conduct.

Thank you for all the box tops you have sent in.  Remember to put your child's teacher's name on the baggie.  The class sending in the most box tops will launch water balloons on their last day of pe!

Thanks for all you do,

Mrs. Linnebur