November 2017

Dear St. Peter Families,

We began October learning the skills and rules to play the game of soccer.  Grades K-8 sharpened their dribbling, passing, and shooting skills.

Grades K-5 played modified games like Target Soccer, Soccer Pirates, and 2 v.2 Soccer Duel.  They then played half-court soccer with 3-5 students on a team so as to get more involvement in the game.

Grades 6-8 also played some half-field soccer as well as full field soccer.

We then moved on to Fitness Testing in grades 2-8.  We test upper body and core strength.  We test our cardiovascular endurance, and back and hamstring flexibility. These tests can be performed at home to better improve their performance.

Grades K-2 learned some rope jumping skills.

We practiced hand-eye coordination with beanbags and played a couple of beanbag tag games.

Remember, if your child cannot participate in P.E., I must have correspondence from a parent or guardian via e-mail, note, or phone call. If your child does not participate and I have no correspondence, your child's grade will be effected.

Thank you for all the box tops!

The class sending in the most box tops by the end of the year will launch water balloons!

Thanks for all your support of St. Peter's School!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,

Mrs. Linnebur