October 2017

Hello St. Peter Families!

The school year seems to be flying by.  Here we are at the beginning of October already!

We began the month of September playing varying levels of football for all students in grades K-8.

K-2 practiced their throwing, catching, hand-off, and kicking skills. They had a hand-off relay and played hand-off tag. They then played a throwing and catching game to see which team could accumulate the most hula-hoops.  Finally they practiced kicking a football off a kicking tee.

Grades 3-5 practiced their throwing, catching, hand-off, and kicking skills also.  They also had a hand-off relay and played hand-off tag. They practiced running with a football in a game of Touchdown Tag. They also showcased their throwing and catching skills by playing Perfect Pass.  Lastly they practiced their punting skills and catching skills by playing a non-competitive game of Kick 'n Catch.

Grades 7-8 also enjoyed a unit on Football. They practiced running passing routes and passing to a moving target. They put their skills to work in several games of Flag Football.

We then moved on to Badminton. K-1 practiced hitting a birdie on their racquet. They then moved to trying to serve over the net.

Grades 1 and 2 actually got pretty good at serving and returning serves. They spent a lot of time at the net seeing how many times they could hit over the net without missing. They really improved!

Grades 3-5 practiced their badminton skills and learned rules, boundaries, and how to keep score. They then played Kings Court. This is one of their favorite games!

Grades 6-8 also worked on badminton skills and played Kings Court.

Remember, if your child cannot participate in P.E., I must have correspondence from a parent or guardian via e-mail, note, or phone call. If your child does not participate and I have no correspondence, your child's grade will be effected.

Thank you for all the box tops. There is still time to send in box tops! I will be submitting a box on Halloween so have any box tops to school by Oct. 24th to get trimmed, counted, and boxed up.

Happy Halloween!

Mrs. Linnebur