1H November Update

Thank you for your support and thank you for attending parent/teacher conferences! It’s always fun chatting with parents to make a great educational connection between home and school!

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

AR Goal: Our AR goal for this month will remain the same at 4 AR tests passed with an 80% or higher. Please make sure we get these in this month since we are out for a whole week during Thanksgiving break.

Reading Log Minutes:  This month we will also keep our nightly reading at 15 minutes per night. Please make sure we log these minutes in your child’s agenda on the correct Month.

Field Trip: We will be going on our first field trip November 29th to the Wichita Children’s Theatre to watch The Gingerbread man. We will also be enjoying a Pizza lunch before the show! I will be getting a sign up genius set up for drivers by the end of the week and will be sending out permission slips on the 6th of November.


Book Report: This month our book report will be slightly different. It will be a report on any Saint of their choosing. They will have until the 30TH of November to hand that in to get a FREE PIZZA from Pizza Hut! We will also be having the children present their saint report to the class.  

Important Dates:

11/1 No school (Holy Day of Obligation)

11/2 Fall Picture Retakes

11/6 Parent University @7:15

11/10 Book Order Due

11/10 Veterans Day Mass and Reception

11/14 Mid Quarter

11/17 Spirit Day (St. Peter shirt and jeans)

11/20-24 Thanksgiving break (No school)

11/27 PTO @6:30

11/29 1st Grade Field trip to Wichita’s Children Theatre


11/30 Last day to turn in Book Reports




Finish up Chapter 4 Subtraction Strategies

Chapter 5 Addition & Subtraction Strategies Relationships




Finish up Unit 3 Animals

Chapter 4 Plants

Chapter 5 Environments


Social Studies-

Week 8 Changes in transportation

Week 9 Fact or Fiction

Week 10 The first Thanksgiving 

-Mrs. Howell 


October is already here and it’s going to be a busy one! Parish Auction, Trunk or Treat Night and Parent Teacher Conferences and let’s not forget my favorite—HALLOWEEN!! Let’s make it an October to remember!


Classroom Notes:

AR-This month’s AR goal is 4 AR tests passed with an 80% or higher. We made our goal last month!

Reading Logs- This month our goal for nightly reading is 15 minutes.  Please continue to log in those minutes on the correct page in your child’s agenda. We will be doing cold reads soon to see what your child’s wpm (words per minute) is. By December we are looking for 23 wpm.

Behavior- This past month we have had lots of discussions and clip pulls for excessive talking. Please remind your student about classroom etiquette.

Auction- We will be participating in our parish auction as a class. Our room moms have an awesome idea; please stay tuned for an email with the grand design!

XtraMath- We are currently logging in 3-4 times a week at school! Continue logging in at night or on the weekends for math fact fluency practice

Lexia- Mondays your child logs into Lexia with Mrs. B and occasionally with Mrs. Ducote. On your child’s homepage in their Lexia account it will state how many minutes are needed for that week. Usage differs on level and accuracy.

Book Reports: Starting October through April we will be participating in the Book It program sponsored by Pizza Hut! Every first of the month your child will receive their book report paper. Once they complete it have them turn it in to receive their free pizza coupon! Last day to receive their coupon will be the last day of the month. This will also be a Language Art grade.





                Chapter 3 Addition Strategies

                Chapter 4 Subtraction Strategies


                 Unit 3 Animals

                  Unit 4 Plants

Social Studies:

                Week 6 History

                Week 7 Past, Present and Future

                Week 8 Changes in Transportation

                Week 9 Fact or Fiction



Important Dates:

10/2 School wide stewardship

10/6 Scholastic Book Order Due

10/6 1st Friday Adoration

10/9 No school (Teacher In-service @ BC)

10/12 End of 1st Quarter

10/13 No School (Teacher In-service)

10/14 Craft Fair

10/16 Respect Life week begins

10/19 PTO Meeting

10/21 Trunk or Treat Night!

10/26 PT Conferences 4:30-7:30

10/27 Spirit Day (Jeans and St. Peter T-shirt)

10/28 Parish Auction

10/30 No school, PT Conferences

10/31 No School, Teacher Release Day


Thank you for your never ending support!

-Mrs. Howell



1H September

Wow! I can’t believe we are in September and rockin’ and rollin’ in 1st grade!!! I am so excited that we are in the swing of things and that the kiddos are doing fabulous! Please check here every first of the month for classroom news, pictures, school dates and curriculum for the month.

A big thank you for your classroom donations!

I will send out an email when we get low on items. 

Classroom Notes:


Agendas-Parents, you have done an amazing job signing and logging in reading minutes, THANK YOU! Every month we will have a new goal for reading minutes, please check reading log page for that information.

AR- We started taking AR test in our classroom this week and the kids really love it! Some of them are familiar with the program from Kindergarten.

 Just a couple of reminders: Students must pass their test with 80% or higher and they cannot take a test twice. Now that we are in September we will be having monthly AR goals. For this month the goal is to take and pass 3 AR Tests! I will be sending out weekly printouts of your child’s progress. Students are allowed to take 1 test a day and must read the book 3 times before taking their test. Since we are beginning readers I ask that 1 of those times be with an adult.

XtraMath- I sent home a paper about this awesome math program we have access to called XtraMath. This is a great program used to build math fluency. We will be logging in during our math time but I -asked that your child logs in at least once a week for 15-25 minutes to build stamina. I will get a report on my end with their progress.

Homework-Please make sure your child is completing their homework nightly and returning it the next morning. Students who fail to turn in their homework will be making it up at lunch bunch. After 5 clip pulls your child is not eligible for conduct honor roll. Homework for the night can be found written down in their agenda for the corresponding subject.



Important Dates:

9-1 Scholastic Book Order Due

9-4 Labor Day (No School)

9-10 Parish Picnic 4-9pm

9-13 & 9-14 1st grade MAP Math and Reading Testing

9-11 No school (Teacher In-service)

9-25 PTO Meeting @6:30pm

9-29 Spirit Day (Jeans and St. Peter t-shirt)





Chapter 1 Addition Concepts

Chapter 2 Subtraction Concepts




Unit 1- How Scientists Work

Unit 2- Technology all around us



Social Studies

Week 3 Rules and Responsibility

Week 4 Good Citizens

Week 5 Time

Week 6 History


As always thank you for your support. Please do not hesitate to email me J


Mrs. Howell 



Mrs. Kassie Howell