April 1/2H *1R & 2N Language Arts*


Hello 1st and 2nd Grade Parents,


First, I wanted to say thank you for your prayers and well wishes! Baby Howell and I are in better health now and counting down the days! I wanted to let you know I will be starting my maternity leave Thursday, March 9, and will be returning early May. My Maternity substitute is Mrs. Emily Thome. She is a parent and parishioner here at St. Peter and very well known amongst the kiddos. I am happy and relieved to say your child will be in great hands! The following will be our curriculum and classroom notes for the month of April. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.


-Mrs. Howell


Classroom Notes:


AR Goal-AR goal for the month of April will be 6 AR tests with a passing score of 80%.  Please keep in mind the days we have off for Easter and Teacher In-service.


Book Reports: There will be NO book reports for the month of April or May since our book it program ends at the end of March.


First Holy Communion- Parents of 2nd graders please look out for information regarding this special day from Mrs. Neises and Mrs. Roberts


1st Grade Language Arts:


The New Friend


Phonics and Spelling Skill: Vowel Combinations ou, ow


Target Skill: Understanding Characters and Narrator


Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms


Grammar: Contractions


The Dot


Phonics and Spelling Skill: Base Words with endings –ed, ing


Target Skill: Compare and Contrast and Figurative language


Vocabulary Strategy: Idioms


Grammar: Exclamations


What can you do?


Phonics and Spelling Skill: Base Words ending in –er, -est


Target Skill: Authors Purpose and using context


Vocabulary Skill: Emotion Words


Grammar: Kinds of sentences


 The Kite from Days with Frog and Toad


Phonics and Spelling Skill: Long I Spelling Patterns igh, y, ie


Target Skill: Story Structure and Fantasy


Vocabulary Strategy: Homographs


Grammar: Adjectives


1st Grade Math:


Chapter 10: Represent Data


Chapter 11: Three Dimensional Geometry


2nd Grade Language Arts:


From Seed to Plant


Phonics and Spelling Skill: Words with al, aw, o, a


Target Skill: Text and Graphic Features


Vocabulary Strategy: using context


Grammar: Irregular action verbs


The Mysterious Tadpole


Phonics and Spelling Skill: oo, ew, ue, ou


Target Skill: Story Structure


Vocabulary Strategy: Multiple meaning words


Grammar: Contractions


The Dog that Dug for Dinosaurs


Phonics and Spelling Skill: Words with oo


Target Skill: Fact and Opinion


Vocabulary Strategy: Shades of Meaning


Grammar: Adverb




Phonics and Spelling Skill: Vowel Diphthongs ow, ou


Target Skill: Sequence of events


Vocabulary Strategy: classify/categorize


Grammar: Possessive Nouns


2nd Grade Math:


Chapter 9: Length in Metric Units


Chapter 10: Data




March 1/2H *1R & 2N Language Arts*

Yea! We made it to March and we are about to embark on the 120th day of school!!!


The students have been doing a great job with their AR testing, math facts and reading fluency! Thank you parents for your hard work and dedication!


Classroom Notes:


AR-Our Goal for this month is 5 AR tests with a passing score of 80%. Please keep in mind this is a short month again! I know we can do it!


Book Reports: Book reports were passed out on 3/3/17 and are due back by the 31st of March. This month’s theme is Dr. Seuss.


Reading Logs/Homework Packets: These are due every Friday; Please do not forget to sign the front page with your child’s reading minutes and book title.


Scholastic Book Orders: These will be due March 16th (Class online code NC42F)


Important Dates:


3/6 Club Time 8:00-8:30


3/6 120th Day of School (Don’t forget to wear your decorated shirt with jeans and tennis)


3/7 Picture Day (Modified Free Dress Day) We have PE this day please bring tennis to change into.


3/10 Last day of 3rd Quarter


3/12 2nd grade First Confession at 5:00pm


3/20-3/24 SPRING BREAK!


3/27 3rd Quarter Award Assembly


3/27 Parent University


3/29 Battle of the books


3/30 PTO meeting at 7:15


3/31 Spirit Day!


3/31 8TH grade Passion Play at 2:00pm and 7:00pm






1st Grade Language Arts


Amazing Animals


Phonics and Spelling Skill: r-Controlled Vowels- ir, ur, er


Target Skill: Conclusions


Vocabulary Strategy: Using a Dictionary


Whistle for Willie


Phonics and Spelling Skill: Vowel digraphs oo


Target Skill: Cause and Effect


Vocabulary Strategy: Define Words


 A Tree is a Plant


Phonics and Spelling Skill: Vowel digraphs


Target Skill: Sequence of Events


Vocabulary Strategy: Multi-Meaning Words


2nd Grade Language Arts


Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend


Phonics and Spelling Skill: Homophones


Target Skill: Understanding Characters and Figurative Language


Vocabulary Strategy: Idioms


Grammar: Using adjectives


 The Goat in the Rug


Phonics and Spelling Skill: Suffixes -y, -ly, -ful


Target Skill: Conclusion and Sequence of Events


Vocabulary Strategy: Compound Words


Grammar: Irregular Verbs


 Half Chicken


 Phonics and Spelling Skill: Prefixes re- and un-


 Target Skill: Cause and Effect


 Vocabulary Strategy: Antonyms


 Grammar: Irregular Action Verbs


1st Grade Math


Finish Chapter 8- 2 digit addition and subtraction


Chapter 9- Measurement and Time


2nd Grade Math


Chapter 7-Money and Time


Chapter 8 Length in customary units

Let's keep up the great job!

-Mrs. Howell














Mrs. Kassie Howell