December 2017


December is an exciting month! Advent Angels, the Lord’s Diner Project, and candy cane sales are welcome and worthwhile traditions that the middle school students enjoy. At home, we are all busy with Christmas preparations as well--sending cards, shopping, cooking, and attending concert and parties. During this time of Advent, as we make outward preparations for Christmas, it is good to slow down sometimes and concentrate on our inner Christmas preparation. To help us do that, we will be engaging in Dynamic Catholic’s “Best Advent Ever,” a daily video reflection to help us slow down and ponder how Christ works in our lives as we prepare our hearts for Christmas.


The sixth grade just finished studying theme in the story “The Boy Who Saved Baseball.” With the next unit, we will be reading informational text, and learning about the importance of graphic features. A couple of reminders: the sixth grade students have a weekly assignment of 30 minutes of Moby Max, and the second quarter ends on Wednesday, December 20. The last day for students to take an AR test is Tuesday, December 19.


The seventh grade students have been working with Google Sheets, a spreadsheet program similar to Excel. We have learned how to enter and format data, how to merge and copy cells, and how to use cell references to create formulas and functions. This week we are learning how to create charts and graphs in Google Sheets. We will be wrapping up our spreadsheets unit soon, and will begin learning about digital citizenship.


The eighth grade Spanish units are working on the last preliminary unit, which is over the colors. After finishing this unit, we will do a review unit which will cover everything we have learned this semester, and then we will begin Unit 1. The regular units are a little more difficult, as they require learning more about conjugating verbs and putting sentences together. While they are more challenging, however, it is exciting to see students learn how to communicate in Spanish.

**Don't forget to bring shampoo for the Lord's Diner Project!


Mrs. Clum


Mrs. Karen Clum