February 2018


Catholic Schools Week is well underway. We are all enjoying the special activities that make the week so much fun. Catholic Schools are the best! Even with all of the extra fun activities, there is still some work underway in the middle school....


The 6th grade just finished up our unit with “Children of the Midnight Sun,” which taught us about the customs and heritage of Native American tribes living in Alaska. We are now going to take a break from the reading anthology to read a short non-fiction novel called Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott by Russell Freedman. Along with the novel, we will be learning about the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Some of the skills we will be practicing with this novel are finding the main idea, making inferences, citing textual evidence, recognizing the author’s purpose, and summarizing. Please continue to read for AR. It’s hard to believe, but quarter 3 mid-quarter is just around the corner--February 5.


The 7th grade is currently doing a unit on digital citizenship. As part of our discussion on copyright laws, the students have been working in groups to create an original “Happy Birthday” song. Other topics we are discussing with regard to digital citizenship are internet privacy and safety, online scams and schemes, cyberbullying, and safe and effective online searching strategies.


The 8th grade is testing on their second “advanced” unit this week. Since Christmas we have learned how to use definite and indefinite articles, how to use the verb ser (to be), how to use gustar + infinitive (How to say “I like to….”), and how to describe ourselves and others based on personal characteristics. We have also learned a lot of new vocabulary. The next unit will be teaching us how to tell time in Spanish, and will give us some new verbs that relate to classroom activities.


Newsletter: The newsletter staff is busy writing questions and will soon be interviewing and writing articles for the next newsletter. In addition, we are looking into setting up a blog, where we could have more up-to-the date articles, pictures, and videos about the great things happening here at SPS!


The art students have already completed their first two projects and will begin working on their Medieval Stained Glass project next week.


Thank you to 6C families who brought in cans or cash for the latest can contest!  


The 6th grade students will be going to the Serra Vocations’ Fair at Magdalen on Friday, March 2. I will be sending home an informational letter soon.


Mrs. Clum

Mrs. Karen Clum