October 2017

And just like that, it is October, and the end of the first nine weeks is quickly approaching. The first quarter will end on Thursday, October 12.


The 6th grade is finishing up the informational text “The Making of a Book.” We reviewed sequence as a text structure, and learned about all of the different steps required to take a book from the author’s  imagination to the bookshelf. The next text will be “The Aces Phone,” and we will be reviewing story structures, including character, setting, and plot. We still have some students working on making their AR goals, but some are reading big books which will get them all of their required points.


The 7th grade technology students just finished up their unit on computer operations. This week we will be moving on to word processing, specifically Google Docs. Students will be learning how to format in Google Docs, including creating a header and a footer, setting page margins, setting type size and font, inserting images, and using Google Docs tools.


The 8th grade Spanish students have learned basic greetings and introductions, the ABCs, and how to say where you are from. They have also done a map study of Central and South America. Last week the students finished up the map unit by creating a Google Slides presentation about one of the Spanish speaking countries. This week we will be moving on to learning the numbers and how to say your telephone number in Spanish. We continue to practice praying the “Hail Mary” in Spanish. Soon the students will be able to pray it without looking at the words!


Art: The art students begin their final unit of the quarter this week. It will be a project on expression art.


Newsletter: The students are finishing up writing stories. We will be evaluating and editing this week, then we can begin laying out the newsletter.


6C: The 6th grade is planning their fall field trip for Thursday, October 12. Drivers are still pending.

 A big shout out to the 6th grade class for their participation in the stewardship Mass this weekend. The readers, cantors, choir, and speakers did an awesome job!



Mrs. Karen Clum