May 2017

...And here we are, entering the final month of the school year! Is it me, or did this year fly by?  Although we are heading towards the finish line, we do have a few more weeks of work before the summer fun begins and this is what we will be doing:


The 6th grade is currently studying graphic organizers. We are learning how to create graphic organizers for each type of text structure. For the last unit of the year, we will be learning different strategies for remembering information.

In 7th grade, we are setting aside time to review for the Diocesan Technology assessment. After they take the assessment, the students will continue working on their Google Slides project: a “Choose Your Adventure” e-book. With a partner, the students are writing an adventure story which will be presented with recorded narration in a Google Slideshow. The reader gets to choose the outcome of the story by clicking on hyperlinks, which will take them to the next scene. We are looking forward to getting to read the finished projects.

The 8th grade Spanish students are working on Unit 3, Lesson 2. In this lesson, students are learning how to address family members, the names of the months of the year, and numbers past 100. On Friday, May 5, we will take a break from this lesson to learn about the origins and celebrations of Cinco de Mayo.

The students in art are beginning to work on a really neat project which involves embossing on a foil pie plate. This project requires the students to think about value and creating a contrast in order to make their image pop.

The newsletter staff is churning out stories for the last issue of the year. As always, some students are working with time constraints, as the event on which they are reporting will happen rather close to the publication date. Some stories, however, have been turned in and are in the process of being edited. We will begin paper layout next week.  

6C: The new can contest is 6C vs. 6S. Help 6C win a spirit day by bringing in those cans!

The 6th grade field trip is Thursday, May 11. Students may wear jeans and a St. Peter shirt, and need to bring a sack lunch. We will be leaving after Mass and returning before the end of the school day. Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to drive and accompany us on the field trip.

The first St. Peter musical, “Alice in Wonderland, Jr.” was a tremendous success! I am just amazed at the dedication to this project, and the talent which brought it to life. Thank you to Mrs. Greenway and her students, to Father Bernie, Mrs. Hickok, Mr. Heimerman, and all the other staff, parents, and volunteers who gave their time, talent and treasure for this project. St. Peter’s Fine Arts Department is off to a great start!

I would like to take this opportunity as the year comes to a close to say thank you to the parents of St. Peter. This school  is truly blessed to have supportive families who appreciate a Catholic school education. I am so pleased to be a part of the St. Peter family. Have a wonderful summer!

Mrs. Karen Clum