Week of February 19

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend.  Sounds as if the next few days will be a hint of spring, weather-wise.  Will be great to get outdoors and play!
Parents, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to conferences.  Once again, enjoyed visiting with all of you.  Now for what's happening next week.
  • Monday - NO SCHOOL - Presidents Day!
  • Wednesday - 1:45 - Stations of the Cross - All are welcome to attend
  • Friday - Spirit Day; Reminder that Latchkey will be in Dominic this afternoon
  • Social Studies - Celebrate America!  We will learn of the importance of freedom, and also, of some symbols of this great land of ours.  This week, our Studies Weekly lesson offers us some language arts skills including dictionary skills and adverbs ending in "-ly."
  • No science this week.  We will spend all four days on social studies.
  • ELA - Our main story will be humorous fiction, and then we will also read a short play with dialogue.  We will cover point of view, and how a good story has a beginning, middle, and ending.  In grammar, we will learn about the placement of commas in dates and places (e.g., between city and state).  SPELLING WORDS are words with "ar":  car, dark, arm, star, park, yard, party, hard, farm, start, part, spark, art, jar

Week of February 12


Last week was quite a week!  Let's hope that this week will find us well and ready to work.  With that being said, it is a packed, but shortened week.  Following, is what to expect.
  • Monday - Club Time; Parent Teacher Conferences in Evening
  • Tuesday - 2:45 - Valentines Party; for those who participated in the Can Contest, wear red/pink/purple shirt with blue jeans
  • Wednesday - Ash Wednesday Mass at 8:00 A.M.; 1:45-Stations of the Cross
  • Thursday - 2R has Mass parts; 11:00 A.M.-DISMISSAL; Parent Teacher Conferences in Evening
  • Friday - NO SCHOOL due to Evening Conferences
  • ELA - With so many students absent last week, especially in 2N, and me being sick most of the week, too,  the one thing I would like to salvage is the spelling test.  Since we did not have school Friday due to all the sickness, we will take our Friday spelling test on Monday.  Once again the words for your 2nd grader to study are as follows:  (they follow the long "e" spelled "y" pattern) happy, pretty, baby, very, puppy, funny, carry, lucky, only, sunny, penny, city, tiny, many
  • On Tuesday & Wednesday, we will spend some time with some extra short storybooks we have that accompany our reading series.
  • Science - We will continue our new unit on living things, showing how both plants and animals adapt to their environment.  We will also discuss the food chain.
  • No social studies this week.


Week of February 5

We made it through a fun-filled Catholic Schools Week and the month of January!  Now, we are ready to see what February holds for us.  Following, is what the first full week of February looks like.
  • Monday - 8:00 A.M.-Dress Rehearsal for our music program; mid quarter - check Power School if you haven't lately; 7:00 P.M. - Our Music Program!
  • Thursday - Deadline for 2nd Grade WISS Boot Guessing Contest (25 cents a guess or 5 guesses for a $1.00)
  • Friday - WISS Spirit Day - Bring a $1.00 for WISS and wear spirit dress!
  • Social Studies - We will learn the difference between being President and being a patriot.  Even a second grader can be a patriot!  Also, we will learn about the Underground Railroad and its part in American history.
  • Science - We start a new unit, "Environments for Living Things."  First lesson will explain how plants and animals need each other.
  • ELA - Reading - We will read a biography.  Grammar - We cover the verb "be."  Spelling Words - Long "e" words spelled with a "y":  happy, pretty, baby, very, puppy, funny, carry, lucky, only, sunny, penny, city, tiny many
Few More Notes
  • Just a reminder to have your 2nd grader log on to Moby Max and do 2 "assigned" lessons a week.  Each lesson will only take about 10 minutes.  This will help you schedule time with the family computer which probably gets a lot of use!
  • We could use another volunteer or two to help with our Can Contest Snack-a-Ganza.  You would have to be here about 1:30 Friday afternoon and it should be over by 3:00.  Just e-mail me if you could help.  Thank you in advance!
  • 2R Parents:  Just a reminder that the $3.00 for the Valentines party is due tomorrow, February 5!  This will greatly help our room parents offset the cost of snacks and activities for the party.  Thanks to all who have already turned this in.
  • Another reminder that when making out Valentine cards for the party:  1) Only have your 2nd grader sign his/her name; Do Not address card to particular students; 2) each child will need to bring 17 cards as we have 18 students in our homeroom.







Week of January 29

Happy KS Day!!  Our great state of Kansas will be 157 years old.  What a milestone!  With KS Day and Catholic Schools Week all coming in the same week, we have a lot to celebrate.  Here are the highlights for the week.
  • Monday - Pajama Day & WISS Bake Sale
  • Tuesday - 2:00 - Spelling Bee (2nd graders are spectators only)
  • Wednesday - 1:30 - Talent Show (2nd graders are doing a group dance and we have a handful of other acts - all are invited to attend)
  • Thursday - Families Eat Lunch Day (If you made a reservation, mark it on your calendar!)
  • Friday - 1st Friday Adoration & 2:00 - Faculty vs. 8th Grade VB Game (Wonder who the 2nd graders will be rooting for?)
  • ELA - KS Day activities all week!  Due to the Catholic Schools Week schedule, we will not have a regular reading story nor a spelling test; instead, we will be learning about our great State of Kansas.
  • Social Studies - We will be covering a lot of topics this week.  First, we will be labeling a U.S. map with KS landmarks, as well as finding U.S. geographic features.  This is a standard that 2nd graders need to learn. We will also learn about world geographic features such as the equator, prime meridian, North & South Poles.  In addition, we will learn how the following affect communities and their lifestyles:  different climates, landforms, mountains, deserts, and rain forests. 
  • No Science this week due to the heavy social studies agenda.
A Few Additional Notes:
  • Failed to include on the Valentines party e-mail that students have to provide 17 Valentines for their classmates.  We have a total of 18 students in 2R.
  • Just a reminder to have your 2nd grader try to do their 2 Moby Max lessons each week.
  • Mrs. Neises and I are in charge of the Can Contest, and we could use about 2-3 parents to help with the Snack-a-Ganza on Friday, February 9.  You would probably need to be here about 1:30 to set up; students will start coming through about 2:00; and then you would need to clean up which you should be finished by 3:00/3:15.  We are going to have some of the older students help, too.  Please e-mail if you would be able to help.  We will greatly appreciate it.  Thanks in advance!


Week of January 21

Next week should be a full week of school unless Mother Nature decides otherwise.  Following, is the plan.



  • Monday - Faith Families
  • Friday - Spirit Day
  • Science - We will finish up Unit 6 with more on natural resources and then some discussion on raw materials.  Review for the assessment will be Wednesday with Unit 6 Assessment scheduled for Thursday.
  • No Social Studies due to finishing up science unit.
  • ELA - Reading - The story we will read is realistic fiction.
  • ELA - Grammar - We will have a lesson on verbs and more on pronouns.  Also, we will review dialogue using quotes; and subject/verb agreement.
  • ELA - Spelling - We will cover long "i" using the following spellings:  i, igh, & y.  SPELLING WORDS:  night, kind, spy, child, light, find, right, high, wild, July, fry, sigh, by, why
Reminder:  Try to allow your 2nd grader to do two "assigned" lessons a week on Moby Max, an online program (Students have their login information in the agendas and I sent out an e-mail a couple weeks ago).  If they do just two lessons a week, it is manageable; they will learn and be able to absorb the information better than doing them all at once; and they should finish the assigned lessons by spring break.  Thank you for allowing your 2nd grader this extra reading reinforcement.



Week of January 15


Just a Reminder that the students will only attend Mass on Tuesday of this week due to Father Bernie being gone on the March for Life.  Please keep him and all those going in your prayers.
We will be studying:
Science - Natural Resources
Social Studies - No social studies due to the shortened week
ELA - Due to the snow day last week and the shortened week this week, we will be doing our "Friday" work on Tuesday which includes the spelling test scheduled for last Friday; and working on a couple standards that 2nd graders need to cover that we have not yet covered.  These include collective nouns (e.g., "crowd" of people and a "class" of students) and working with glossaries and dictionaries.
SPELLING LIST FOR TOMORROW (same as last Friday):  running, clapped, stopped, hopping, batted, selling, pinned, cutting, sitting, rubbed, missed, grabbed, mixed, going

Week of January 8

Following, is what is happening the week of January 8.

  • Monday - GROUP PICTURE DAY (STUDENTS MUST WEAR UNIFORMS!); Walk in Sister's Shoes Begins ("See" information from school office as well as e-mail on what the 2nd graders will be doing); Club Time; Awards Assembly
  • Social Studies - It's all about maps this week.
  • Science - We will learn about natural resources and geology.
  • English Language Arts - 2nd Graders were excited Friday as they got their new reader for 2nd semester!  Grammar will cover the different types of pronouns.  We will read a realistic fiction story this week.  Spelling words are base words with -ed & -ing endings.  SPELLING WORDS:  running, clapped, stopped, hopping, batted, selling, pinned, cutting, sitting, rubbed, missed, grabbed, mixed, going
  • JUST A REMINDER:  Try to complete two (2) assigned Moby Max lessons each week.  These are optional but will greatly help the 2nd graders in reading.
Let's all pray for precipitation!


Week of December 18

Here's what's happening this coming week...
  • Monday - Faith Families
  • Wednesday - End of 2nd Quarter & 1st Semester; Students can wear a Christmas or green or red shirt with blue jeans today; Remember the Advent Angel gift today; 10:00-Christmas Parties; 11:00 A.M. - DISMISSAL (Please be sure that someone is here to pick up at this time.  Thanks in advance!)
  • Science - Unit 7 Test Tuesday; we will have an in-class review on Monday
  • No Social Studies this Week
  • Reading - Christmas story writing activity; if time, fact/opinion, and book titles
  • Note:  NO spelling test for this week
A Few Extra Notes
  • Advent Angel Gift, if not too big in size, can be brought in Monday, Tuesday, or for sure, Wednesday.
  • We will probably be having the students do a thorough housecleaning of their blue and red folders so you may see a lot of "old" papers coming home sometime this week.
  • The students will probably NOT be bringing their agendas home over Christmas break.  There will be no assignments given, so by keeping the agendas here at school, we won't have the chance to lose or misplace them in the Christmas excitement.
  • One last thing:  If you by chance watch the New Year's Day Rose Parade on TV, watch for a Kansas high school band from Louisburg.  My great niece will be in the band!!  Our family is very excited for her and will be having a watch party at our house, for sure!

Week of December 11

This is going to be our last FULL week before our Christmas break so we are going to be very busy.  Following, is what's happening in 2nd grade this week.
What's Happening
  • ADVENT ANGEL - Candy or Candy Bar
  • This week, we will be doing mid year DIBELS and Easy CMB Math Testing
  • Monday - We'll watch the dress rehearsal for the Christmas program
  • Tuesday - OUR IN-HOUSE FIELD TRIP!!  Reminder for this fun day listed below.
  • Friday - Spirit Day
What We'll Be Studying
  • No social studies this week; we will concentrate on science all week.  We will continue our weather unit by studying about different types of severe weather and learn about what storm chasers do.
  • In reading, we will read about the inspirational Helen Keller.  We will concentrate on author's purpose and learn what a biography is.
  • Grammar will cover proper nouns - days of the week, months of the year, and holidays.
  • Spelling and phonics covers the long "o" sound spelled with o, oa, and ow.  SPELLING WORDS ARE:  own, most, soap, float, both, know, loan, goat, flow, loaf, throw, coach, so, grow

We have gotten permission for the students to dress in 1800s attire.  This can be blue jeans with a cowboy-like shirt, kerchief, cowboy hat, cowboy boots, etc., for both boys and girls.  Maybe the girls would even want to wear a long dress and bonnet if you want to get really creative.  We did remind the students that they cannot wear or bring guns. 

Reminder to those of you that signed up on the sign-up genius to bring items for our chuckwagon lunch that day.  Non-perishable items can be sent to the classroom either Monday or Tuesday.  Food items can be brought to the classroom before school or delivered by at least 10:45 (we have lunch at 11:00).  Note: We can plug in crockpots if brought early.  Thank you in advance for helping us with this and making this a special day for our 2nd graders.

Week of December 4

Daily Happenings:
  • ADVENT ANGEL GIFT THIS WEEK:  FRUIT (This will be passed out as it is received so that it does not spoil.)
  • Monday - Stewardship - We will make prayer cards for the Lord's Diner
  • Wednesday - Happy St. Nicholas Feast Day!
  • Friday - NO SCHOOL - Holy Day of Obligation:  Immaculate Conception
What We'll be Studying
  • Social Studies - Maps & Globes; Map Keys; & Continents & Oceans
  • Reading - Informational Story, "Schools Around the World"; will work on text and graph features, such as introducing picture captions
  • Grammar - Quotation Marks
  • Spelling - words with "ee" and "ea" spellings:  SPELLING WORDS:  free, teach, teeth, please, beach, wheel, team, speak, sneeze, sheep, meaning, weave, eat, read - TEST WILL BE THURSDAY SINCE WE ARE OUT OF SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!!

Mrs. Betty Hunt