Week of December 11

This is going to be our last FULL week before our Christmas break so we are going to be very busy.  Following, is what's happening in 2nd grade this week.
What's Happening
  • ADVENT ANGEL - Candy or Candy Bar
  • This week, we will be doing mid year DIBELS and Easy CMB Math Testing
  • Monday - We'll watch the dress rehearsal for the Christmas program
  • Tuesday - OUR IN-HOUSE FIELD TRIP!!  Reminder for this fun day listed below.
  • Friday - Spirit Day
What We'll Be Studying
  • No social studies this week; we will concentrate on science all week.  We will continue our weather unit by studying about different types of severe weather and learn about what storm chasers do.
  • In reading, we will read about the inspirational Helen Keller.  We will concentrate on author's purpose and learn what a biography is.
  • Grammar will cover proper nouns - days of the week, months of the year, and holidays.
  • Spelling and phonics covers the long "o" sound spelled with o, oa, and ow.  SPELLING WORDS ARE:  own, most, soap, float, both, know, loan, goat, flow, loaf, throw, coach, so, grow

We have gotten permission for the students to dress in 1800s attire.  This can be blue jeans with a cowboy-like shirt, kerchief, cowboy hat, cowboy boots, etc., for both boys and girls.  Maybe the girls would even want to wear a long dress and bonnet if you want to get really creative.  We did remind the students that they cannot wear or bring guns. 

Reminder to those of you that signed up on the sign-up genius to bring items for our chuckwagon lunch that day.  Non-perishable items can be sent to the classroom either Monday or Tuesday.  Food items can be brought to the classroom before school or delivered by at least 10:45 (we have lunch at 11:00).  Note: We can plug in crockpots if brought early.  Thank you in advance for helping us with this and making this a special day for our 2nd graders.

Week of December 4

Daily Happenings:
  • ADVENT ANGEL GIFT THIS WEEK:  FRUIT (This will be passed out as it is received so that it does not spoil.)
  • Monday - Stewardship - We will make prayer cards for the Lord's Diner
  • Wednesday - Happy St. Nicholas Feast Day!
  • Friday - NO SCHOOL - Holy Day of Obligation:  Immaculate Conception
What We'll be Studying
  • Social Studies - Maps & Globes; Map Keys; & Continents & Oceans
  • Reading - Informational Story, "Schools Around the World"; will work on text and graph features, such as introducing picture captions
  • Grammar - Quotation Marks
  • Spelling - words with "ee" and "ea" spellings:  SPELLING WORDS:  free, teach, teeth, please, beach, wheel, team, speak, sneeze, sheep, meaning, weave, eat, read - TEST WILL BE THURSDAY SINCE WE ARE OUT OF SCHOOL ON FRIDAY!!

Week of November 27



Following, is what will be happening when we return after the Thanksgiving break.

Weekly Events
  • No Mass Monday through Thursday due to clergy conference
  • Monday - Club Time
  • Tuesday - Happy Birthday, Father Bernie!
  • Friday - Eucharistic Adoration
What We'll be Studying
  • Social Studies - Immigrants & Ellis Island, along with the Statue of Liberty; Changes for American Indians
  • Science - Virtual Experiment - How can we measure precipitation? and the 4 Seasons
  • Reading - Story is entitled Ah, Music!  We even learn that music is literature put to rhythm.  We also cover Text & Graphic Features.
  • Grammar - Interesting compound sentences
  • Spelling Words (ai & ay spelling) - pay, wait, paint, train, pail, clay, tray, plain, stain, hay, gray, away, stay, day

Week of November 13

Events for the upcoming week:
  • Monday - Faith Families
  • Tuesday - Mid Quarter - If you haven't recently, check Power School to see how your 2nd grader is doing.
  • Friday - Spirit Dress
What we'll be learning:
  • Reading - We will be reading a humorous fiction story.  We will also study cause & effect, and drawing conclusions (infer/predict).
  • Grammar - Students will learn about compound sentences and how to construct them.
  • Spelling - It will be base words ending in 's & 'es.  SPELLING WORDS ARE:  hens, eggs, ducks, bikes, boxes, wishes, dresses, names, bells, stamps, dishes, grapes, jets, & frogs
  • Social Studies - Changes in America and how industrialization was both a good thing and a bad thing.  Even though it produced many goods for our country, we now have to work to save our natural resources.  We will learn the difference between endangered and extinct.
  • Science - Weather patterns and the water cycle will be covered.  We will learn about the three forms of water - liquid, solid, and gas, and how they make up the water cycle.
Two more items:
  • Thanks for helping your 2nd grader study the contractions for the spelling test last week.  Overall, they did very well.  These are not always the easiest to learn.
  • Your 2nd grader will be bringing home a permission slip this week for an in-house field trip that Mrs. Neises and I have planned.  It needs to be returned by Friday, November 17.  Thank you in advance.

Week of November 6

Happenings for the Week of November 6

  • Monday-Stewardship Time
  • Tuesday-Reminder:  No 8:00 A.M. Mass
  • Friday-Veterans Day Mass @ 8:00 A.M., followed by Reception

What we'll be studying    

  • READING-Lesson 10-Jellies, the Life of Jellyfish.  This is an informational text.  We will also cover fact/opinion, and headings & subheadings this week.
  • SPELLING WORDS-Contractions:  I'm, don't, isn't, can't, we'll, it's, I've, didn't, you're, that's, wasn't, you've; the words:  us, them
  • GRAMMAR-Past, present, & future verb tenses
  • SOCIAL STUDIES-The Pilgrims Come to America - Can hardly wait to share with the students my feelings from our New England trip when I actually got to walk on the same ground at Plymouth Rock that the Pilgrims walked on.  Hope to share with them some pictures of the monuments, and of course, the actual 1620 Plymouth Rock.
  • SCIENCE-How does the sun heat the earth virtual experiment, and weather patterns. We will also chart weather for three more days so be sure and ask your 2nd grader what they have learned from this charting.



Week of October 30

What's happening next week:

  • Monday - NO SCHOOL for Students; Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Wednesday - NO SCHOOL - ALL SAINTS DAY!
  • Thursday - Back in School!  Picture Retakes (If your child needs retakes, we need the original packet of pictures back, and your child can bring a change of clothes for pictures. Students must wear uniforms the rest of the day.)
  • Friday - 1st Friday Adoration

Short week so here's what we'll be working on:

  • NO Spelling words due to short week
  • No social studies
  • Science - Different types of clouds and continue our weather charting
  • ELA-Narrative Writing - To tie in with our science weather unit, the students will have a choice to write about their favorite weather or weather that scares them.  We will concentrate on main idea and supporting details using an idea web.


Week of October 23

Week of October 23 is RED RIBBON WEEK!

  • Monday-Wear red shirt with jeans; Club Time; mobile dairy classroom visits; conference information being sent home
  • Tuesday-Stick it to Drug Sticker Day
  • Wednesday-Crazy Hair & Socks Day
  • Thursday-11:00 A.M. DISMISSAL; Parent-Teacher Conferences-If you are signed up for today, please bring your conference packet to conferences.  Thank you!
  • Friday-Spirit Day

Here's what we'll be studying:

  • Reading-Fun story - How Chipmunk Got His Stripes
  • SPELLING WORDS: (-ed & -ing ending words) - liked, using, riding, chased, spilled, making, closed, hoping baked, hiding, standing, asked, mixed, sleeping
  • Grammar-Present tense verbs adding "s" or "es" 
  • Social Studies-North American Indian Nations
  • Science-We started our new unit, "All About Weather;" however, we will spend all week on social studies but we will take time to fill in our Weather Chart each day listing the temperature, name of clouds we see, if any, and precipitation, if any.




Mrs. Betty Hunt