What a beautiful rain we had!  Let us thank God for blessing us with this gift so desperately needed!  Now for this coming week...

  • Monday - Celebrating Earth Day with a Faith Family assembly, the start of our Can Contest ("see" school newsletter for details), and Wear Green & Jeans - green shirt, that is!  If KS Assessments are completed, one of the 2nd grade classes may begin MAP Testing; if not today, hopefully sometime this week.
  • Wednesday - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Inservice
  • Friday - Spirit Day; Spell-a-Thon Money Due
  • No Science this week
  • Social Studies - Resources:  human, natural, & capital; Choices
  • Reading - A perfect informational story for this time of year:  "From Seed to Plant"; Grammar:  More irregular verbs; Spelling:  Words with au, aw, al, o, & a; SPELLING WORDS:  tall, saw, dog, draw, call, fall, soft, paw, ball, yawn, log, small, all, walk

  • Monday - In-House Field Trip!!  Remember that students 1) need a sack lunch & drink (can be put in a lunchbox  or sack that can be put in the locker); 2) bring an old big towel or throw to sit on for our picnic lunch; and 3) can wear blue jeans with an SPS spirit shirt or shirt with an animal on it to match our theme, "Animal Adventures!"  Also, there will be Stewardship in the morning before we begin our exciting day.
  • Tuesday - Spell-a-Thon Pledge sheet to go home so check your child's bookbag.  Also, 2R will be taking one of the MAP tests in the afternoon.
  • Friday - Mid Term - Check Power School for grades if you haven't lately.
  • Social Studies - Choices families have to make in spending and saving money; difference between a producer and a consumer
  • Science - Animal life cycles of certain animals
  • Reading - Folktale and a traditional tale; more on syllabication and using the dictionary
  • Grammar - using irregular verbs; using exact verbs
  • Spelling - Prefixes re- & un-; Spelling Words:  unhappy, retell, untangle, unkind, repaint, refill, unlike, remake, unpack, reread, unlock, replay

  • Monday - Club Time
  • Tuesday - Father Bernie to bless 1st Holy Communion gifts.  Please note that the school is not responsible for any gifts, so I would highly suggest that if the gift is breakable or you don't want to take the chance of your 2nd grader losing it, do not send it.  Thank you in advance.
  • Thursday - Spell-a-Thon Pledges due
  • Social Studies - Scientists & Inventors
  • Science - Fish, Insects, & Classifying living things
  • Language Arts:  Grammar - Verbs have/had/has & do/does
  •                Reading a narrative nonfiction story; studying drawing conclusions & sequencing; making a bookmark for our St. Mary pen pals who make their 1st Holy Communion next weekend

Hope you are enjoying your Easter Monday!  When we return to school on Tuesday, we will begin a busy week, the week before our 1st Holy Communion!  Along with sprinkled practices in the church for this special event, here's what else we'll be doing.

  • Wednesday - Confessions
  • Friday - Eucharistic Adoration
  • Saturday - 9:00 A.M.-10:00 A.M. - 1st Holy Communion Practice (2nd Grader & at least one parent must attend)
  • Social Studies - Rights & Responsibilities - The information in this Studies Weekly is somewhat a review over things we have already covered this year.
  • Science - Kinds of Animals - mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians
  • Languages Arts:  We will read a realistic fiction story and cover idioms. In grammar, we will be learning about adjectives of comparison ending in -er & -est.  Spelling words will be homophones, words that sound alike but are spelled differently and have different meanings.  SPELLING WORDS:  meet, meat, week, weak, mane, main, tail, tale, be, bee, too, two, sea, see
Just a Reminder:  The week of April 9, we will be having our Spell-a-Thon spelling tests.  This special list of words includes words that 2nd graders should be able to spell and was included in your Spell-a-Thon packet of information.  We will have a daily test of about 15-20 of these words the week of April 9.  With 1st Holy Communion coming up this next weekend, you probably won't have much time to study over the weekend, so please have your 2nd grader study a few of these words each evening this week.  Thank you in advance! 


  • Monday - 8:00 A.M.-Awards Assembly
  • Tuesday - No Mass due to the Chrism Mass later in the day at the Cathedral that Father Bernie will attend; Faith Family rosary
  • Wednesday - Last school Stations of the Cross - All are welcome
  • Thursday - Due to it being Holy Thursday, there will be no morning Mass; end of 40 Cans for 40 Days contest; 11:00 A.M. DISMISSAL - NO LATCHKEY!!
  • Friday - NO SCHOOL - GOOD FRIDAY!!
  • Social Studies - Levels of government; what governments provide; who are U.S. citizens; naturalization
  • NO science
  • Language Arts - Will be covering two 2nd grade standards concerning shared research and informational text.  Topic will be space travel and students will be working in groups.  All work will be done in class with students making a poster showing their research results.
  • FYI:  Due to the short week, there will be no spelling test.


Hard to believe that this week will begin our last 9 weeks of the school year!  Where has the time gone??!!  Also, this is the last full week of school before spring break and we have a lot to learn.  Here's what the week will hold.
  • Monday - Stewardship
  • Wednesday - 1:45 - Stations of the Cross - All are welcome to attend
  • Thursday - Spell-A-Thon Kickoff
  • Friday - Spirit Day; 2:30 - Passion Play
  • Science - Unit 5 Assessment on Monday - We had a big review last Friday so we should be ready!  We will begin a new unit on Tuesday, "All About Animals."  It covers animal needs such as food and protection, and we also have a lesson on farm systems.
  • NO social studies this week!
  • Reading - We will read a narrative nonfiction story, "Penguin Chicks."  Many of you have probably seen the movie made on life of the penguins in Antarctica.  Maybe you could rent it over spring break and let your children watch it.  Life is very harsh for penguins, but this is also a very informational  piece on how living creatures adapt to their environment, a topic we just covered in science.
  • Grammar - Adjectives
  • Spelling - Words with "er"; SPELLING WORDS:  father, over, under, herd, water, verb, paper, cracker, offer, cover, germ, master, fern, ever
Few More Notes
  • Please try to have your 2nd grader complete the Moby Max lessons they have left this week.  We would like this wrapped up by the end of this week.  Thank you in advance.
  • Want to congratulate both 2nd grade classes on how well they did at Mass this past week.  Both classes were responsible for Mass duties at Thursday & Friday Masses and they all did fantastic.  Great sign of stewardship in action!

We made it through a full week of school so we're going to give it another try this coming week!  Did your 2nd grader share with you that last week, we answered letters from our new pen pals from St. Mary's in Pittsburg, KS?  They were so excited and their reply letters were SO GOOD!  We will probably send at least another 2 or 3 types of correspondence between now and the end of the year.  Now for what's planned for this coming week.

  • Monday - Club Time; Family Night from 6:45-8:00 for those of you that signed up
  • Tuesday - Individual Spring Picture Day - Dress for Pictures (Jeans are allowed; and since we have P.E. on Tuesday, your child will have to bring tennis shoes for P.E. if they wear other type shoes for the photos.)
  • Wednesday - 1:45 - Stations of the Cross - All are welcome
  • Thursday - Pre-registration Forms for the 2018-2019 school year due
  • Friday - 2R has 8:00 A.M. Mass parts; end of 3rd quarter
  • Sunday, March 11 - Daylight Savings Time!! Spring forward!
  • Science - Environmental topics such as can plants survive in different environments; environments change over time; & environmental scientists
  • NO social studies this week
  • Language Arts:
  •   Grammar - commas in a series of nouns and verbs
  •    Reading - fantasy and an informational text with charts; prefix "over"; compare/contrast; similes like/as; how to write book titles; good story beginnings; and comparing a story written two different ways (Cinderella as we know it and an African tale having a similar Cinderella story line; we'll compare the two)
  •    Spelling - "or" & "ore"; SPELLING WORDS:  horn, story, fork, score, store, corn, morning, shore, short, born tore, forget, for, more
Thanks to those of you that have had your 2nd grader on Moby Max.  More and more are doing at least one or two a week, with some doing 3-4 lessons, or several already completing their "assigned" lessons.  If you have not started yet, please carve out about 10 minutes at least three times a week to have your 2nd grader work on these "assigned" lessons.



Well, we are about ready to begin the last week of February!  We have lots planned.
  • Monday - Faith Families
  • Tuesday - $1.00 WISS Spirit Day
  • Wednesday - 1:45 - Stations of the Cross - All are invited to attend
  • Friday - 1st Friday Eucharistic Adoration
  • Social Studies - Finish up what we did not complete last week due to the snow days, then cover the diversity of cultures in America.
  • Science - We will review adaptations of plants and animals.
  • Language Arts - We will finish up our weekly lesson from last week, then do a fun letter writing project that I think will excite the students. Due to make-up work, the SPELLING TEST WILL BE ON TUESDAY!!  Words again are:  car, dark, arm, star, park, yard, party, hard, farm, start, part, spark, art, jar

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend.  Sounds as if the next few days will be a hint of spring, weather-wise.  Will be great to get outdoors and play!
Parents, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to conferences.  Once again, enjoyed visiting with all of you.  Now for what's happening next week.
  • Monday - NO SCHOOL - Presidents Day!
  • Wednesday - 1:45 - Stations of the Cross - All are welcome to attend
  • Friday - Spirit Day; Reminder that Latchkey will be in Dominic this afternoon
  • Social Studies - Celebrate America!  We will learn of the importance of freedom, and also, of some symbols of this great land of ours.  This week, our Studies Weekly lesson offers us some language arts skills including dictionary skills and adverbs ending in "-ly."
  • No science this week.  We will spend all four days on social studies.
  • ELA - Our main story will be humorous fiction, and then we will also read a short play with dialogue.  We will cover point of view, and how a good story has a beginning, middle, and ending.  In grammar, we will learn about the placement of commas in dates and places (e.g., between city and state).  SPELLING WORDS are words with "ar":  car, dark, arm, star, park, yard, party, hard, farm, start, part, spark, art, jar


Last week was quite a week!  Let's hope that this week will find us well and ready to work.  With that being said, it is a packed, but shortened week.  Following, is what to expect.
  • Monday - Club Time; Parent Teacher Conferences in Evening
  • Tuesday - 2:45 - Valentines Party; for those who participated in the Can Contest, wear red/pink/purple shirt with blue jeans
  • Wednesday - Ash Wednesday Mass at 8:00 A.M.; 1:45-Stations of the Cross
  • Thursday - 2R has Mass parts; 11:00 A.M.-DISMISSAL; Parent Teacher Conferences in Evening
  • Friday - NO SCHOOL due to Evening Conferences
  • ELA - With so many students absent last week, especially in 2N, and me being sick most of the week, too,  the one thing I would like to salvage is the spelling test.  Since we did not have school Friday due to all the sickness, we will take our Friday spelling test on Monday.  Once again the words for your 2nd grader to study are as follows:  (they follow the long "e" spelled "y" pattern) happy, pretty, baby, very, puppy, funny, carry, lucky, only, sunny, penny, city, tiny, many
  • On Tuesday & Wednesday, we will spend some time with some extra short storybooks we have that accompany our reading series.
  • Science - We will continue our new unit on living things, showing how both plants and animals adapt to their environment.  We will also discuss the food chain.
  • No social studies this week.