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Hello April, Hello Spring, Hello State Testing!

This is our final 'push' until the end of the year.  The students have Spring fever, the teachers have Spring fever, everyone is counting the days until Summer.  

The one thing standing in the way for those in 8th grade:  STATE TESTING!

I'm not worried about the state tests because this years 8th graders are smart and prepared.  They have given me their very best all year long.  We will do reviews of what they have learned over the last 3 years and we will be prepared for whatever the tests have in store for us.  

Testing Schedule:  The 8th graders will take Science Tests on 8/10 and 8/12.  They will be given plenty of time to finish the two sessions and review their work.  


7th graders will finish up the Space Science book.  Have a Unit review and TEst.  We will then go over a book :  Earth's Atmosphere and Water Cycle that was done last year at the end of the year.  I feel we need to make sure we understood all that was covered last year and have it fresh in our minds going into 8th grade.


6th grade:  We will be finishing our Persuasive Essays/Speeches which Mrs. McLain has joined me in doing.  This will give these students a good grasp of research and getting in front of a group and trying to 'convince' them that their opinion is the correct one.  We will be finishing our book and taking a Unit Test toward the end of the month.