5G December

Important Dates

8th- No School- Immaculate Conception

11th- 3rd-5th grade Music Program

15th- Spirit Day and Class Mass

20th- Class Christmas Party

Math- We are continuing our study of decimals this month. We will learn about dividing decimals. Our last math test of the quarter will be Dec. 13th. Students still need to be practicing math facts to help them with this decimal computation. 

Science- We are finishing out the quarter learning about fossils. We will not have a test over this Unit. Instead we will be doing a STEM lesson involving building gingerbread houses to withstand certain conditions. We need graham crackers, small candies, icing, and plastic knives for this project. If you would like to donate something for this project, please just send it into Mrs. Garton's class. We will begin construction on Dec. 15th. 

Religion- We have been learning about the different sacraments. We will finish up our chapter on the celebration of the Eucharist this month. Then learn about how to pray and different types of prayer. 

5G Weekly News

The 5th graders are excited to begin updating our website. Each week they will write about the events of that week. A few students' quotes will be featured as our weekly news. Check back for more fun updates about what's been happening in 5G!

We are planning to do a Science experiment at the end of December involving building gingerbread houses. We need graham crackers, various small candies, and icing. If you would like to donate any of these items to our class, please send them into Mrs. Garton. Thank you!


Mrs. Lauren Garton