3G May News

Important Dates

May 9th- Diocesan Religion Test

May 10th- Class Mass

May 25th- Field Day


Language Arts- We are wrapping up all of our Language Arts skills. We will review this month. We will pay special attention to reviewing what we've learned about prefixes/suffixes and skills to use during reading comprehension. Our schedule will be a little different as we near the end of the year. Pay close attention to your child's agenda book for information about homework. We will also be completing DIBELS Individual Reading Testing this month. 

Math- We are continuing our study of shapes and geometry this month. We will have a test over chapter 12 on May 12th. Then we will begin to learn a few new skills to get ready for 4th grade!

Religion- We are taking our Diocesan Religion Test during the second week of May. Students have review materials in their folders to study each night. We will then complete our Project Genesis books learning about taking care of ourselves and the gifts God has given us. 

Science- We are learning about Earth Science now. We are wrapping up our unit on the water cycle and weather. Keep an eye out for a unit test coming up. We will then study about the moon and its phases. 

Social Studies- We are wrapping up our unit on Government. We have learned about all three branches of government and all levels of government. We will finish up this unit. Then practice some map skills to finish out the year. 


Mrs. Lauren Garton