Welcome April!

The sixth grade students are reviewing some important concepts in preparation for the state assessments. Last week we reviewed how to make inferences, or draw conclusions. This week we are working on finding the main idea of informational text. We will take the reading tests on Tuesday, April 17 and Thursday, April 19.

The seventh grade is creating a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book in Google Slides. This project requires them to create word art, animations, and hyperlink to other slides. They are also required to use figurative language and/or literary devices.

The eighth grade is working on Unit 3, Lesson 1. We are learning the names of meals and foods. We are reviewing how to say “I like” with both singular and plural nouns. We are also learning the different question words with a song set to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” It has a way of getting stuck in your head, which is super annoying fun and engaging.

The newsletter staff is proud to say that Volume 2, Issue 3 is printed and distributed! We are now doing story assignments for the last issue of the year.

The students in Art II are creating a sand mosaic using the concept of radial symmetry. They are turning out to be really neat.

The sixth grade class will be going on their spring field trip to the Sedgwick County Zoo on Monday, April 30. We will be participating in a STEM program called “Vet’s Eye View Investigation Station,” and will have some time to visit the exhibits. They will be bringing home an informational letter/driver request and a permission slip today.

Thank you to all the parents who provided cans for the Forty Cans for Forty Days food drive. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

**Don’t forget about Spellathon!! The pledge sheets are due back on Thursday, April 12.