Feb. News

Just a few reminders to pass on for the month:

*The students will be completing a book report over a biography this February.  They will be bringing home the information for this project the week of Feb. 13th.  

*8 AR points are due for 4th grade and 7 AR points are due for 3rd grade  by the 2nd of March for prizes.

*4th grade is getting ready to move into our next chapter on multiplying fractions. Keep practicing those multiplication and division facts!

*Capital quizzes have begun!  They have already studied the NE region and are adding the SE region. Sheppardsoftware.com is great for studying  SS and spellingcity.com for spelling words.

*Kansas Assessments are quickly approaching. The fourth graders will be taking these tests  in  April.  Moby Max practice helps reinforce the skills being reviewed at school. 

*The Valentine's Day Party will be on Tuesday, February13th at 2:45!  We will have a little contest to see who can create the most original Valentine’s Day box to collect Valentines.  This is optional, but always really fun.  I will have bags for those who would rather not partake in the contest.

*The prayer for this month is the Act of Love.

Mrs. Cheryl Cazel