February News



Lesson 17 - Ways to Travel

Anchor Text - The Big Trip

Read Together - Big Trip

Sight Words - about, by, car, could, don't, maybe, sure, there

Comprehension - Compare and Contrast

Phonics - Long e, vowel pairs ee & ea

Spelling - me, be, read, feet, tree, keep, eat, mean, sea, these

Grammar - Compound Sentences


Lesson 18 - Agriculture

Anchor Text - Where Does Food Come From?

Read Together - Jack and the Beanstalk

Sight Words - first, food, ground, right, sometimes, these, under, your

Comprehension - Author's Purpose

Phonics - vowel pairs ai & ay

Spelling - play, grain, sail, mail, may, rain, way, day, stay, pain

Grammar - Name of Months, Day, Holidays


Lesson 19 - History

Anchor Text - Tomas Rivera

Read Together - Life Then and Now

Sight Words - done, great, laugh, paper, soon, talk, were, work

Comprehension - Sequence of Events

Phonics - vowel pairs oa &ow

Spelling - show, row, grow, low, blow, snow, boat, coat, road, toad

Grammar - Future Tense


Lesson 20 - Feelings

Anchor Text - Little Rabbit's Tale

Read Together - Silly Poems

Sight Words - door, more, mother, old, try, use, want, wash

Phonics - Compound Words, Short Vowel ea

Spelling - bedtime, sunset, bathtub, sailboat, flagpole, backpack, playpen, raincoat, inside, himself

Grammar - Prepositions



January News 2018





Lesson 14 - Citizenship

Anchor Text - The Big Race

Read Together - Rules and Laws

Sight Words - four, over, two, five, starts, watch, into, three

Phonics - Long a, soft c, g, dge, -ake, -ace

Comprehension - Conclusions , Cause and Effect

Spelling - came, make, brave, late, gave, shape, waves, chases


Lesson 15 - Animals

Anchor Text - Animal Groups

Read Together - Animal Picnic

Sight Words - bird, fly, those, both, long, walk, eyes, or

Phonics - Long i, digraphs kn, wr, gn, mb, phonograms -ine,- ite

Comprehension -  Compare and Contrast

Spelling - time, like, kite, bike, white, drive, stripe, mice


Lesson 16 - Astronauts

Anchor Text - Let's Go to the Moon

Read Together - Mae Jemison

Sight Words - around, bring, show, because, carry, think, before, light

Phonics - Long o, Long u

Comprehension - Main Idea and Details

Spelling - so, go, home, hole, no, rope, joke, bone, stove, poke


Lesson 17 - Ways to Travel

Anchor Text - The Big Trip

Read Together - Lewis and Clark's Big Trip

Sight Words - about, by, car, could, don't, maybe, sure, there

Phonics - Long e, Vowel Pairs ee, ea, Final ng, nk, Phonogram -ink

Comprehension - Compare and Contrast

Spelling - me, be, read, feet, tree, keep, eat, mean, sea, these




Chapter 10 - We Celebrate the Gift of Eucharist

Chapter 11 - Jesus Teaches Us About Forgiveness

Chapter 12 - We Pray with God's Word

Faith in Action


November News 2017

The students need to pass 4 AR books during the month of November!

Please try to have them log onto LEXIA at least once a week!

The students will be bringing home a Saint Report that is due at the end of the month!



Lesson 9 -What makes a story or poem funny?

Anchor Text - Dr. Seuss

Read Together - Two Poems from Dr. Seuss

Sight Words - after, draw, pictures, read, was, write

Phonics - Short "e" words, blends with "s"

Comprehension - Text and Graphic Features

Spelling - yes, let, red, ten, bed, get

Grammar - Singular and Plural Nouns

Vocabulary - Antonyms

Writing - Informative Writing


Lesson 10 - How can you show a friend that you care about him or her?

Anchor Text - A Cupcake Party

Read Together - Happy Times

Sight Words - eat, put, give, small, one, take

Phonics - Short "u" words, final blends, phonogram - ump

Comprehension - Story Structure

Spelling - us, sun, but, fun, bus, run

Writing - Informative Writing

Grammar - a, an, the

Vocabulary - synonyms



Chapter 8 - We Give Thanks to God

Chapter 9 - Jesus Is God's Son


October News 2017

Reading/Language Arts

Lesson 6 - What lessons can we learn from story characters?

Anchor Text - Jack and the Wolf

Read Together - The Three Little Pigs

Sight Words - away, every, call, hear, come, said

Phonics - Short "a" ,  double final consonants

Comprehension - Understanding Characters

Spelling Words - an, bad, can, had, cat, ran

Grammar - complete sentences

Vocabulary - shades of meaning


Lesson 7 -  How do animals communicate?

Anchor Text - How Animals Communicate

Read Together - Insect Messages

Sight Words - animal, of, how, some, make, why

Phonics - Short "i" , blends with r, phonogram -ip

Comprehension - Main Idea and Details

Writing - Informative Writing: Poetry

Spelling - in, will, did, sit, six, big

Grammar - Commas in a Series

Vocabulary - Using a Glossary


Lesson 8 - How is music part of your everyday life?

Anchor Text - A Musical Day

Read Together - Drums

Sight Words - her, she, now, today, our, would

Phonics - Short "o" , blends with l

Comprehension - Sequence of Events

Writing  - Informative Writing

Spelling - on, got, fox, pop, not, hop

Grammar - Statements

Vocabulary - Define Words



Chapter 6 - Baptism Is a Wonderful Gift

Worship - Baptism Welcomes Us

Prayer Celebration - Praying with Holy Water


Chapter 7 - God Made Us to Be Good and Holy

Scripture Story - A Man Questions Jesus

Prayer Celebration - Praying with Movement


Chapter 8 - We Give Thanks to God

Scripture Story - God Is a Good Father

Prayer Celebration - A Thank You Prayer


September News 2017



Lesson 2: What happens during a storm?

Sight Words: for, he, what, have, look, too

Realistic Fiction: The Storm

Informational Text: Storms

Phonics: Short "i"

Spelling List: if, is, him, rip, fit, pin

Grammar: Possessives

Writing: Captions


Lesson 3: Why is going to school important?

Sight Words: do, find, funny, sing, no, they

Fantasy: Curious George at School

Informational Text: School Long Ago

Phonics: Short "o"

Spelling List: log, dot, top, hot, ox, lot

Grammar: Action Verbs

Writing: Sentences


Lesson 4: Who can you meet in a neighborhood?

Sight Words: all, me, does, my, here, who

Informational Text: Lucia's Neighorhood

Fable: City Mouse and Country Mouse

Phonics: Short "e"

Spelling List: yet, web, pen, wet, leg, hen

Grammar: Adjectives

Writing: Class Story


Lesson 5: What happens on the train?

Sight Words: friend, hold, full, many, good, pull

Fantasy: Gus Takes the Train

Informational Text: City Zoo

Phonics: Short "u"

Spelling List: up, bug, mud, nut, hug, tub

Grammar: adjectives

Writing: Class Story


May News 2017

May News



Lesson 28 - Helping Your Friends

Sight Words - look, very, their, saw, put, out

Letters of the Week - "Vv" Vinny Volcano, "Zz" Zelda Zebra


Lesson 29 - What Children Learn in Kindergarten

Sight Words - off, our, day, take, too, show

Letters of the Week - "Yy" Yetta Yo-Yo, "Qq" Queenie Queens


Lesson 30 - Review



Chapter 12 Test

Review Addition and Subtraction




Chapter 25 - We Care About Others As Jesus Did

Chapter 26 - We Celebrate That Jesus Is Our Friend