September News 2017



Lesson 2: What happens during a storm?

Sight Words: for, he, what, have, look, too

Realistic Fiction: The Storm

Informational Text: Storms

Phonics: Short "i"

Spelling List: if, is, him, rip, fit, pin

Grammar: Possessives

Writing: Captions


Lesson 3: Why is going to school important?

Sight Words: do, find, funny, sing, no, they

Fantasy: Curious George at School

Informational Text: School Long Ago

Phonics: Short "o"

Spelling List: log, dot, top, hot, ox, lot

Grammar: Action Verbs

Writing: Sentences


Lesson 4: Who can you meet in a neighborhood?

Sight Words: all, me, does, my, here, who

Informational Text: Lucia's Neighorhood

Fable: City Mouse and Country Mouse

Phonics: Short "e"

Spelling List: yet, web, pen, wet, leg, hen

Grammar: Adjectives

Writing: Class Story


Lesson 5: What happens on the train?

Sight Words: friend, hold, full, many, good, pull

Fantasy: Gus Takes the Train

Informational Text: City Zoo

Phonics: Short "u"

Spelling List: up, bug, mud, nut, hug, tub

Grammar: adjectives

Writing: Class Story


May News 2017

May News



Lesson 28 - Helping Your Friends

Sight Words - look, very, their, saw, put, out

Letters of the Week - "Vv" Vinny Volcano, "Zz" Zelda Zebra


Lesson 29 - What Children Learn in Kindergarten

Sight Words - off, our, day, take, too, show

Letters of the Week - "Yy" Yetta Yo-Yo, "Qq" Queenie Queens


Lesson 30 - Review



Chapter 12 Test

Review Addition and Subtraction




Chapter 25 - We Care About Others As Jesus Did

Chapter 26 - We Celebrate That Jesus Is Our Friend