April Info 2017

The 8th graders have their last field trip ever!!!!  We are going to Oklahoma City on April 12th.  The trip will be to see the OKC Memorial and Museum.  The students and parents will also get to spend some time in Brick Town and eat lunch.  State Testing will be over by April 7th for middle school.  April will also be a busy time for most of the 8th graders because of the musical, Alice In Wonderland.  Dates for the musical are:  April 28 and 29 at 7pm.  The April 30 performance is at 2pm.  Track is also up and running.  Lots of great things going on this month.  Math classes are working on Area and Volume of figures, Transformations of figures, and Pythagorean Theorem. 


December News

December has always been my fourth favorite month.  We get a two week vacation from school!!!!!  The 8th graders just

finished taking their ACT Aspire tests.  Bishop Carroll will use these results for 9th grade classes next year.  I was impressed

with how serious they all took the tests.  December 14th is our 1st Annual 8th grade Stewardship Party.  We will be

recognizing about 100 parishoners for their outstanding stewardship.  They have helped support the church and school for

a long time.  I can not wailt to make some new friends!!!!   We only have 10 more school days of first semester and 2016.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  2017 will be awesome. 

November News

Thanks to all the wonderful parents who came to conferences last week.  St Peter parents HAVE TO BE the best parents in the diocese.  I went home Friday feeling very positive and excited to be teaching here.  Should last about two weeks!!!!!  November 1st was my birthday and you all took care of me again.  Thank you for the gifts, the very awesome "math cookies", and the day off.  This Friday the 8th graders are going to the Curriculum Fair at BC and lunch out.  Hopefully they will get some good information about being at BC next year.  In math class the 8th graders have been working on Algebra for the last two weeks.  Starting next week, they will be working on Geometry thru December.  7th graders are working on Ratios and Proportions.  6th graders are working on Ratios and Rates.  Thanksgiving break is only two weeks away.  We are just now entering a very busy,fun, distracting time in school.  Lets work together and keep them focused thru 2016.  Thanks again for a great eleven weeks of school.

September News

We are starting the 5th week of school and I'm finally getting my website up and running.  I am very excited to be an 8th grade homeroom teacher this year.  All 39 eighth graders have been awesome.  As a second year teacher, I liked knowing all of the 7th and 8th graders names and math abilities from day one.  It did not take long to learn the new 6th graders names.  Since they all had Mrs McKinney last year for math, I know they are coming in with great math and work skills.  The 8th graders will be going to Topeka in October for our first field trip.  We will also be emphasizing Stewardship this school year.  I would love to see us visit some of our older parishioners too.  St Peter School would not be possible without them.  Sixth graders are working on Fractions this month.  Seventh graders are working on Rational Numbers.  Eighth graders are working on Exponents and Scientific Notation.